Normality during the Alarm State

We communicate to all our clients that, being OutletSalud.com a food distribution company and also an online business, our activity is maintained during the Alarm State normally, making daily shipments of orders received by the usual urgent delivery services.

To ensure the safety of our employees and customers, we inform you we have taken the following measures:


Telecommuting of all personnel not strictly necessary in our facilities, including accounting, administration, customer service, purchasing, marketing and communication personnel. The staff who live with high-risk family members (older people or those with previous pathologies), regardless of their job, will also not go to work in person.


Prohibition of access to our facilities by anyone outside this company, including carriers, suppliers and customers. The merchandise from the suppliers will be unloaded at the door of our warehouse and, later, our staff will go out to introduce it once the carrier has left. In shipments, the reverse will be done, leaving the cages with the packages at the warehouse door so that the carriers can pick them up at the agreed times.


The possibility of coming to our warehouse to collect orders from our local customers has been eliminated. The collection of packages by any client will not be allowed.


All personnel who remain on the premises must wear gloves and masks at all times, and wash their hands with soap and water and then disinfect with disinfectant gel between each change of gloves.


The stops for breakfast, lunch or snack will be made individually, not in a group as before.


All meetings, of any type and character, will be held by conference or videoconference, using the business communication system that this company has contracted.

We take this opportunity to inform you that a large number of phone calls are being made to our company, from customers who have questions or concerns, and we request that, to expedite responses, send us your questions by email to [email protected], because we cannot guarantee the attention of a large number of calls as our telephone management capacity is reduced by half due to teleworking.