1.  Join us, you'll only regret not having done it before

2.  Advertise with the skills that characterizes you

3.  Earn money, it's up to you to earn millions

4.  Advantages, what a wonderful word!


The Outletsalud Affiliate Program is one of the ways to get extra revenue more profitable in the online healthy eating market.

Joining is easy and free: to become a collaborator, just need a popular blog, a website with many visitors, many subscribers or followers in social networks or use other sources of traffic that meet those characteristics. That traffic will be the one that will generate your income.

IMPORTANT: for this twinning to be really profitable, as a collaborator you must be an example to follow in the line followed by Outletsalud in a healthy diet based on products low in carbohydrates and without sugar; otherwise we will both hear the crickets play their famous melody.

Okay, you've convinced me. And how do I join your fabulous team?

Send us a request with the best of your smiles through any of these ways:

Once we have agreed, we send you an email with all the necessary and detailed information on how to use and start this Affiliate Program. what is The best? You will be able to create your first affiliate link the moment you receive this email.


"Only" you have hundreds of products to choose from to advertise with your followers.

You will have your own URLs or affiliate links with which to generate traffic to our products and in turn will allow you to have control of the statistics of all the activity that your interactions generate in our web.

Don't worry, you will know perfectly how to create your own links when you read our detailed email step by step as a healthy recipe you will check that creating one of these links has the same complexity as the multiplication table of 0.


What do we offer you? We gladly give you 5% of the value of all the sales you produce with the traffic associated with your links. In your space enabled for affiliates you can consult in real time all the profits you generate. If things get out of hands because you generate a lot of traffic, we will not reduce the percentages. On the contrary, we will upload them!

What you do with your benefits is not our problem (but we admit loving postcards from the places where you travel with what you are getting and selfies enjoying our products in those paradisiacal destinations).


Aside from the benefits for your pocket, there are advantages that you may not have noticed and that will make you grateful:

  • Thanks to the statistics generated through the links you use to advertise our products, you will be able to know your followers better: you will know their interests or tastes just by seeing the effectiveness that a particular link has had, and in that way it will also allow you to improve your posts by having more data on how your target audience is.
  • As an icon of a social group, all the data extracted from your activity in the Affiliate Program will allow you to prove, when the time comes, your impact on the media in which you move and you are popular; for example, if in the future a Super Multinational comes showing interest in your activity, you would have all those statistics to verify that your interest is not unfounded.

Here we leave you the best of our SMILES ¡:)!