Outletsalud.com, you can enjoy and pay later your order.

We are so sure that you are going to love our products that we have decided to offer you the new payment system SeQura where you only pay your order once you have received it and checked that everything is perfect.

Do you want to Know how it works?

You can sleep relaxed because...

  • Only paid after received.
  • you don't need to offer bank details.
  • You can do it without login.

Fully transparent

  • You can pay up to 7 days later.
  • If you want you can split your payment with a fixed amount per fee.
  • don't look for the small letter because it doesn't exit.

As simple as...

  • Once you got and verify it,
  • You pay it,
  • & you enjoy it.


Receive your order first, and then pay it later.

When you arrive to a store to buy you only pay when you have it on your hands to take it home. Well, at Outletsalud.com we want the same thing to happen. Therefore, when paying by SeQura you only pay when the product is in your hands. In Outletsalud.com we are so sure that our products are of excelent quality that if you could have some doubt we let you pay them once you have seen them.


Finish your order by choosing the SeQura payment. Remember that you 'don't need a card'.


Without paying, you can receive and check your purchase.


Are you okay? Now, you have the order in your hands so you can pay it up to 7 days after the shipment.

Split your payment.

Or if you prefer you can split the amount of your order in 3, 6 or 12 fee. Besides, it's too fast, cause it doesn't need to do any management and only entails a small fixed amount per fee.
Finish your purchase by SeQura and choose between 3, 6 or 12 fee.
You only have to pay at the moment the first fee by card.
Recive your order and check that everything is ok.
Are you ok with your order? The following fees will be deducted automatically every 30 days.

Do you still have doubts about this new payment method? So let read some of our FAQs

Receive first, pay later.

How can I pay my order after i have received it?

SeQura offers you the possibility to pay by transfer/deposit in account or by a card. If you wish to do it by transfer we tell you that SeQura works with 4 banks so you can choose one of them. Remember to indicate the order reference so they can easily locate your payment.

Are there any additional cost?

This payment method doesn't have any added cost, nor hidden interests. If you make the payment by transfer into account, you will have no commission. And if you want to make the payment by card you will add € 1 for management.

When do I have to pay my order?

The order has a maximum of 7 days from the date it was sent. Don't worry, we will keep you informed everytime by email. In this email you will find the last date to make the payment and the data necessary to make the payment.

When and how is the payment indicated?

During the following 24 hours of the sending order. You will receive an email. But if you have any doubt you can call us at 951 886 800.

I haven't received the email with the payment method

The email is sent automatically so it's possible that it has been put in your spam box mail. If you prefer, you can contact us by calling at 951 886 800 and we will forward the information to you at the moment.

I paid, but I didn't receive the confirmation

SeQura will send you a confirmation email. Sometimes transfers take 1-2 days to arrive. If it has been more than 2 days since you paid and you haven't received your confirmation, please contact SeQura Customer Service to confirm the status of your payment.

Can I pay before the last date?

Of course! You can pay when you want. But remember to indicate the reference so that we can locate your payment and associate it with your order.

What do I have to do if i want to return my order?

Contact us so we can tell you how you have to do it. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or calling at 951 886 800.

Can I order more days to check my order before paying?

Contact with SeQura and they will try to find a solution to your request.

I have already paid for my order, but I have finally decided to return it. Will they give me back the money?

Contact with SeQura and they will refund your amount without additional cost.

Split your payment

Is it possible to pay before the last date?

Of course! You can pay when you want. Always remember to indicate in the subject the payment code, so that they can associate the payment with the order.

Is charged with interest?

No, don't look for them because don't exit. The TIN is 0.0%, but there is a fixed amount per fee.

When do I have to pay a fee?

Each month (on the date indicated) a charge will be automated on the card that you used when you paid the first fee.

In how many fee can I pay?

You can choose between 3, 6, or 12 fees.

When i have to pay?

You will make an initial payment at the time of purchase, after this your order will begin to be processed without any delay or obligation to provide other documentation. The following payments will be automatically charged to your card every 30 days until you have paid the entire outstanding amount.

How will I know when I have to pay each fee?

Don't worry, an automatic charge will be made every 30 days on the same card with which you made the first payment.

Can I pay the entire order and cancel the payment plan?

Of course! You can pay the entire outstanding amount at any time, you just have to contact with SeQura and they will explain how to do it.

What do I have to do if I want to return my order?

Contact us so we can tell you how you have to do it. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or calling at 951 886 800.

Can I return the order once the first fee has been paid and the money returned?

Of course. If you return or cancel your order will refund the amount of all your payments in the account associated with the same card with which you made those payments. Contact us and we will explain how to return your order, we will coordinate with SeQura to return the money.

Can I change my card?

Yes you can, if you want to use a different card than the one you used to make the first payment, contact with SeQura and they will explain how to do it.