Segmental Body Composition Monitor Tanita BC545N

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Modelo: Segmental Body Composition Monitor BC-545N

Segmental Body Composition Monitor BC545N

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Segmental Body Composition Monitor BC545N

The Segmental Body Composition Monitor BC545N Tanita will allow you to accurately track changes in muscle mass and fat in each arm and leg. It provides detailed analysis of muscle mass and body fat for each body segment. Furthermore, with the total body cominado readings may evaluate the effectiveness of their training routine over time.

The Segmental Body Composition Monitor BC545N works with the Tanita BIA method taking a measurement of body composition by sending secure and low intensity electrical signal through the body, all with scientifically proven accuracy.
This Monitor is specially calibrated for those who perform intense aerobic exercise of over 10 hours per week.
- Graphic to control the evolution of the results
- Percentage of body fat and water
- Recommended percentage of fat in adults
- Percentage of fat recommended in children
- Index of visceral fat
- Calculation of visceral fat
- Bone Weight
- Recommendation daily calorie intake
- Metabolic Age
- Muscle Mass
- Physical Index
- IMB - Basal Metabolic Rate
- IMC- muscle mass index
- Athlete Mode
- Recall function

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    ModelSegmental Body Composition Monitor BC-545N

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