List of products by manufacturer Novo Nutrition

Novo Nutrition is a Canadian manufacturer that began its journey in the world of nutrition in 2016. Its catalog is based on healthy foods high in protein.

Information about Novo Nutrition products

Novo Nutrition, the healthy snacks

Do you like to snack between meals, but all the options that you fancy and that you see in the supermarket are completely out of your diet? Well, these are the healthy snacks perfect for you. At Novo Nutrition they know how difficult it is to find a healthy option when you fancy a snack (either sweet or salty) and they have created a wide catalog, so that you can satisfy your appetite between meals and that snack caprice that we sometimes have, but in the healthiest way possible .

Novo Nutriton, company passionate about healthy eating, developed the world's first protein chip , delicious protein chips with which you can substitute the dreaded potatoes lifelong fries, which you cannot include in your diet because they are loaded with unnecessary fat and calories. In addition, you can find them in a wide variety of flavors : cheese, onion and sour cream, BBQ, sweet chili ... and all with 10g of protein per package of chips .

If you are more sweet , Novo Nutrition also have options for you, some sweet and crunchy waffle protein bars in different flavors: vanilla, salted caramel, biscuit with cream, chocolate, strawberry ... or the protein break snacks. Delicious!

You no longer have excuses to follow your diet. Take any of these snacks to snack between meals with you and keep your eating style away from all those unhealthy options. Thanks to the main characteristics of Novo Nutrition products , you will continue to take care of yourself even with snacking, since they are:

  • High in protein

  • Low in fat

  • Low carbohydrate content

  • Low in calories

At OutletSalud we really like a snack and among the different options that we have been selecting, you can buy healthy snacks from Novo Nutrition and receive them in 24 hours in the comfort of your home. Crunch of real pleasure with protein chips and waffles while you eat an extra protein.