Oils and Dressings

Let's grace the plate! In this section you can find EVOO , coconut oil , great variety of sauces , seeds , Himalayan salt , agar-agar to thicken your sauces, spray oil with different flavors, spice seasonings ... Why are they good for you? Click here for to know more. In our online store you can buy oils and dressings t...

Let's grace the plate! In this section you can find EVOO , coconut oil , great variety of sauces , seeds , Himalayan salt , agar-agar to thicken your sauces, spray oil with different flavors, spice seasonings ... Why are they good for you? Click here for to know more. In our online store you can buy oils and dressings today and receive them in 24 hours .

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality and at the best price . Here we present a wide range of EVOO made in the best olive groves in Andalusia for your use and enjoyment. This liquid gold with an intense flavor and fruity aroma can be found in different formats and varieties. Here is a selection of the best oils for you to include the highest quality fats in your healthy diet.

  • Coconut oil and MCT

    Buy Organic Coconut Oil online at the best price and receive it at home in 24 hours . You can find it in different formats and sizes that we present below. Take advantage of the magnificent healthy properties of 100% Natural Virgin Coconut Oil obtained by cold pressing, without additives and without being subjected to chemical processes. From the best plantations straight to your home.

  • Spray Oils

    Oil Spray is the perfect alternative when you want to reduce fat intake . With these options you have a better quantity control . Plus, it's a quick and clean way to add oil to your dish. You can apply directly on the food or to the pan. You have variety of flavors so you don't get bored. Which one do you fancy today? In our online store you can buy spray oil now and receive it within 24 hours .

  • 0% Sauce

    Add to your dishes some of the sauces that we have selected for you and give your food a different touch. You can use them in salads or in main dishes with peace of mind because they are sauces without sugar, without fat and with almost no calories . Keep eating a healthy diet and worry only about enjoying yourself. In our online store you can buy Sugar Free Sauces now and receive them in 24 hours.

  • Seasonings

    Give your dishes a graceful touch with the different seasonings . Season with the best pink salt , with bone broth protein, to add more protein and flavor to the stews, make a quick broth with her ... or give a different point to the food with the spice mixes. In addition, you can thicken sauces with agar-agar or glucomannan You will not be able to stop using them ! Buy seasonings for your dishes today and receive them in 24 hours.

  • Seeds

    Enrich your meals with seeds and add healthy fats to your plate in the easiest way. In addition, you will be providing the fiber that your body needs because they have a high content. You can use them at any time of day and they are valid for both sweet and savory recipes. Buy Seeds now in our online store and take advantage of all the benefits they provide you.


We have selected a great variety of oils, sauces, seeds and dressings, so that you can dress your dishes and take advantage of its many benefits. In addition, they are all healthy and suitable for Low Carb diets . Turn a bland dish into a tasty dish.

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What is the use of seasoning food?

Dressings are designed to give a different flavor to food or enhance the one it already has , thus making it more attractive to the senses. In addition, they help us not to throw so much of the salt to make an appetizing dish. They can be added to salads, meat dishes, fish dishes, pasta, rice ... to any food you prepare.

Soy throughout history

Over time , the dressing, also called condiment , has been widely used in cooking. There is data that goes back more than 5,000 years ago , when China began to use soy as a preservative for meats and liquid caused by this fact was used to flavor.

At different times in history, the dressing has also been used to benefit from the multiple properties attributed to it, such as in the Roman Empire , which mixed water with salt to the vegetables looking for better digestion after very copious meals, a frequent custom at the time. Like the Romans, the Greeks gave benefits to seasonings, one of the things they used was mustard to improve memory .

Today oils and dressings are a basic complement in all kitchens . There are thousands of variations and you can add a single dressing to your food or mix several. Dressings turn your recipes into unique and original dishes, with which it is very difficult for you to get bored with what you eat. You just have to take a look at the different categories that we have for you in this section. You have a wide variety of healthy oils and dressings to buy with a single click . Order now oils and dressings and give life to your dishes.

What can you buy online for dressing?

At OutletSalud we know that you like to enjoy food , so we have made things easier for you to find everything you need and give your food a special twist. We have different options for you:

  • - Organic coconut oil : whether for the kitchen or to take care of your skin or hair, coconut oil will always be a good fat option to keep in your kitchen for its multiple properties.

  • - Extra Virgin Olive Oil : considered the liquid gold of the kitchen thanks to its high quality and the amount of health benefits it has.

  • Dressings : pink salt of the best quality, agar-agar to thicken sauces in a healthy way, different healthy fat sprays ... little by little we will select more products to adapt to your needs .

  • Sauces 0% : where you can find a selection of barbecue sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, dipping sauces, specific sauces for salad, pasta sauce and an infinity of other sauces so that you do not miss None and you can include them in your diet because they are all sugar-free and low in carbohydrates and fats or directly without them.

  • - Seeds : we are selecting seeds so that you can contribute healthy fats and fiber to your diet. You can find chia, flax, mixtures of different seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

Can Oils and Dressings be added to food while on a diet?

Without a doubt, yes . They are the perfect ingredients for weight loss diets , which are often abandoned due to boredom or monotony.

It is a myth and a mistake to think that a healthy diet , low carb or whatever it is, has to be based only on bland, steamed and without grace. That monotony, when cooking, is what causes abandonment. You can add oils and dressings to your meals and enjoy the foods you nourish yourself with without making your meals tasteless.

In our online store you can find the perfect ingredients to add to your plate . Depending on what you choose, you will be providing healthy fats of the highest quality, fiber ... You have plenty of sugar-free sauces that you can perfectly fit into your diet, seeds, thickeners for your sauces and much more. Browse through the different products that we have selected and eat enjoying yourself. Not everything has to be lettuce and brisket!

Food plate with sauce and dressings

Buy oils and dressings for your meals online at the best price at OutletSalud.