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Tanita began manufacturing scales in 1959 and is the world leader in body composition meters. Based in Japan, this manufacturer supplies equipment to all corners of the world.

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Tanita, a brand with history

The Tanita brand was born in 1923 and since its inception they have developed countless products that are ahead of their time (oven toasters, electric pots, lighters electronics...) In the field of health measurement equipment, their main business, they have been since 1959, creating pioneering products in the industry. The first intracorporeal fat meter in the world was born in 1992 and in 2004, the first body composition meter specific to each part of the body. These valuable industrial heritages are exhibited in the museum that has the brand, along with the other products that have been created throughout its history, which allows us to see the social background of each era. A museum, to say the least, curious.

Over time and since they began with the creation of the scales, Tanita has been specializing in health technology(digital urine glucose meters , sleep meters, activity meters...),apart from its well-known bioimpedance scales. Today, Tanita is positioned as the world leader in health monitors and body composition scales, with more than 20 million units sold worldwide. In addition, they cover all types of users, manufacturing equipment for professionals and for the general public.

The best bioimpedance scales

There are five reasons why Tanita leads the way in the scale industry. We present them below:

  • It has the highest levels of precision and clinical accuracy, complying with the most rigorous controls

  • Hundreds of body composition studies and research have passed and are trusted by industry experts

  • The brand continually invests in innovative research advances to improve its devices and find new health measurement techniques

  • The company operates award-winning manufacturing facilities in Japan and China and

  • All Tanita products meet strict international quality standards

  • The equipment is calibrated for 300,00 uses and 3 years warranty

Why do you need to analyze your body composition?

We give you different reasons why it is a good idea to buy one of these monitors:

  • Motivates you to achieve your goals

  • It will give you a rough estimate of how physically healthy he is

  • Helps you discover health risks and be more aware so they don't develop

  • Helps you set the right goals to keep your body in balance

Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the efficacy of Tanita's body composition devices and at OutletSalud we always try to offer you the best on the market that can help you take care of yourself. Buy Tanita online at the best price and receive your order tomorrow.