List of products by manufacturer Walden Farms

Walden Farms is an American brand that has been in the healthy eating sector for more than 50 years. Its products cover the entire spectrum of needs for specific diets, athletes and, in general, anyone who seeks to control their diet without sacrificing taste.

Information about Walden Farms products

Walden Farms, calorie-free sweet and savory dressings

Walden Farms has been shooting for more than 50 years dedicated to the food industry and they were pioneers in the manufacture of delicious salad sauces without calories and without fat . Little by little they were expanding their catalog, adding other types of products with the same characteristics as the sauce in which you can find syrups, coffee creams, sauces, creams for dipping, jams ... and all almost empty of calories , carbohydrates, sugar and fat .

At Walden Farms they love to eat tasty as you do and they continue to research and improve their products every day in terms of flavor, texture, ingredients and nutritional characteristics. With its products it has natural, delicious and all healthy flavors , when they are normally loaded with unnecessary calories and sugars.

Do not give up the flavor in your dishes and choose something that you feel like in the wide range of products that Walden Farms has for you, whether you are sweet or salty.

Creamy coffee without calories

Walden Farms coffee creamers are bought by people as churros! And there is no more delicious way to sweeten coffee and give it a different flavor point if that is what you want: you have an original flavor, sweet flavor, hazelnut flavor, mocha flavor, vanilla flavor, caramel flavor ... All sugar-free and calorie-free. Add to your buy organic coffee from the Destination brand any of these options and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee with a touch that will make a difference.

Sauces for diet

Are you a salsero? Walden Farms has a wide catalog of sauces so that you can eat tasty without having to give up a delicious sauce . You can find sauces to add to your salad, to your meat, fish, pasta dish ... zero sauces specific to each dish . You can buy mustard and honey sauce, Italian sauce, ranch sauce, cesar sauce, mayonnaise, bbq ... You have a great variety. For pasta, you have many options, including Alfredo sauce , an Italian cheese-flavored sauce highly sought after by our customers for its incredible flavor. Enjoy the best calorie-free sauces. In addition, you can choose dipping sauces , also ideal for dipping in them with a good pan high in protein like CSC Foods.

Syrups and jams without sugar

If you like sweets, don't worry, Walden Farms also has the perfect options for those with a sweet tooth. Whether with a delicious and sweet sugar-free syrup , a creamy sweet sauce or a diet jam , you will continue to enjoy your sweet moment without skipping it the diet. In addition, you have many flavors to choose from: a special one for pancakes, chocolate, caramel, blueberries, strawberry ... you will fall into the temptation of a sweet tooth, but in a healthy way, without sugar! .

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