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If you want to drink water or would you like to spice up your desserts, creme or other products you can think of ... The solution is natural flavors envelopes Bolero Drinks. It is very simple to use, just mix the envelope bolero drinks in 1.5l of water or if you prefer to use it in other foods such as creme or a cake you can do it in small doses.

Don't worry about the flavors because Bolero Drinks offers over 60 flavors to choose from: Cherry, Multivitamin, Pear, Orange, Cola, Watermelon, Lemon or more exotic flavors such as dragon fruit, Acerola, Citronella, berries Goji, Cranberry or berries Acai...

The feature key of Bolero Drinks is that they are natural because they don't have sugar (sweetened with Stevia), no gluten, no artificial flavors or preservatives. So the Bolero Drinks is for diabetics, celiacs or athletes as well as the above is considered a low-calorie drink and are enriched with Vitamin C.

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