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Obelisco Editions was born in Barcelona more than 40 years ago with the intention of filling a gap in the bibliography of the time with books on astrology, alchemy, esotericism and tradition.

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    Paleolithic Diet Book. This book offers a journey through the evolutionary process of feeding explaining the foundations and pillars of the paleolithic diet. You can find practical instructions and interesting recipes.

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    Discover the exciting world of Stevia from this book Descubre La Stevia which discloses clearly and simply the most powerful alternative to sugar and sweeteners: Stevia.

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    The book Vivir Sin Gluten is a manual directed essential for those suffering from celiac disease as family and friends who live close both. Describe clearly and entertaining way all about the disease, from its history to its treatment.

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    The book Sal Cristalina del Himalaya (Himalayan Crystal Salt) enrich you with his pleasant and brief history of Himalayan salt. You will discover all the curiosities and applications condiment high nutritional value.

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    Discover the amazing properties of magnesium chloride thanks to this book that describes in detail its history and the many uses and benefits of this natural remedy. It also includes a range of recipes based on this mineral for the health and well-being, alone or in combination with other natural remedies.

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Information about Ediciones Obelisco products

Obelisco Editions, books on health and natural life

Obelisco Editions was created in 1981 in Barcelona to fill a literary gap that existed at the time on books that dealt with topics such as astrology, alchemy, esotericism and tradition. Over the years, books have been incorporated that touch on topics such as self-help, Jungian psychology, martial arts, magic, naturism, alternative therapies, illustrated children's books... Their selection criteria are based on books that they like them, they find them interesting or they think they can have an audience.

Over the years they have been expanding the themes and numerous unpublished authors have published for the first time with Obelisco Editions, subsequently achieving fame. In addition, some foreign authors have been translated for the first time in this editorial and are known in Spanish thanks to Obelisco. They are present in Spain and Latin America and have agreements in practically all Spanish-speaking countries.

Obelisco Editions is made up of a group of professionals with extensive experience and great vocation. They try to make all their books point to the heart and each one of them is like a son, but also with an underlying message, which they hope will reach the reader.

At OutletSalud, we have always been concerned about preserving your health and well-being, so we have selected some books from Obelisk editions, so you can buy books on food and supplements from the comfort of your home. Add one of these books to your order and continue learning about the benefits of taking care of yourself. In our catalog you can findbooks with information on the paleo diet, discover stevia, a book on the benefits of living without gluten, about himalayan salt, the therapeutic properties of magnesium chloride... Do you need a specific topic? Write to us at [email protected] and we will try to put what you need at your disposal.