Healthy Nutrition

In our online store you can buy a wide range of products for a to healthy eating . In addition, we have foods for Low Carb diets , Keto , low carbohydrate diet , diets rich in protein , < strong> diets rich in fiber or for whatever you need ( diabetes , celiac disease ...) Browse the subcategories that you will find below and explore th...

In our online store you can buy a wide range of products for a to healthy eating . In addition, we have foods for Low Carb diets , Keto , low carbohydrate diet , diets rich in protein , < strong> diets rich in fiber or for whatever you need ( diabetes , celiac disease ...) Browse the subcategories that you will find below and explore the wide selection that we have prepared for you. We help you maintain your silhouette and health in a healthy and healthy way.

  • Special Food

    Do you need a diet with special requirements? If you have any pathology or follow a specific diet as a diet for diabetics , for celiac or some type of specific diet ... this is your section. We are working every day to make it easier for you to choose products. Browse through the different categories in which you can find specific foods for your diet.

  • Oils and Dressings

    Let's grace the plate! In this section you can find EVOO , coconut oil , great variety of sauces , seeds , Himalayan salt , agar-agar to thicken your sauces, spray oil with different flavors, spice seasonings ... Why are they good for you? Click here for to know more. In our online store you can buy oils and dressings today and receive them in 24 hours .

  • Drinks and Flavors

    Would you like to drink something fresh and healthy? Or do you want to flavor water, a yogurt, a vegetable drink or your favorite dessert? With the Low Carb drinks that we put at your disposal and flavorings such as Bolero or Mix you can have a soda in the healthiest way because they are < strong> sugar free . Choose your favorite flavors from the great variety we have and start enjoying them in 24 hours . You won't know which one to decide on.

  • Coffee, Infusions and...

    Coffee or cocoa ? Or are you more of infusions ? Here you have all the options and of the best quality. You can opt for an aromatic and delicious organic coffee or a infusion that wakes you up as soon as you get up. If you are more of a chocolatier, choose from the variety of defatted cocoas that we have for you and enjoy the authentic cocoa flavor without regrets. If you order now, you will receive it in 24 hours .

  • Cereals and Bran

    Are you a fan of cereals ? Do you want to add extra fiber to your diet ? With the cereals that we have looked for for you and the bran, you can have a good bowl of cereals in your Low Carb diet because they are low in carbohydrates and improve intestinal function . Also, you can add bran to your savory dishes to increase the amount of fiber. You can buy both and mix them for your breakfast. If you place your order now for Cereals and bran, you will receive it in 24 hours.

  • Preserves and Prepared...

    You don't have much time and you want to eat something delicious or you just don't feel like cooking? Do you consume cans of preserves? In this section you can find ready-made dishes that you can include in your low-carbohydrate diet and preserves of the highest protein quality . You can continue to take care of your health even if you don't have much time. In our online store you can buy prepared and canned dishes at the best price and receive them within 24 hours .

  • Creams and Toppings

    Are you more sweet? With our proposals you can follow a healthy diet and low in carbohydrates and Everything without sugar! In this section you have spreads  of nuts, chocolate or different flavors. You also have jams , syrups and protein toppings. Order now and add to your toasts, to your pancakes , to your waffles ... and enjoy in 24 hours a sweet and healthy breakfast.

  • Sweeteners

    Buy online the Sweetener that best suits your needs at the best price . In our store you can find a wide variety of sweeteners with different components, such as Stevia or Erythritol . You have them in different formats, sizes and types, even to be able to take it with you. Keep sweetening your life while taking care of your health.

  • Flours

    Find Flour of the type that you like the most to make desserts, breakfasts or complete protein shakes and charge you with energy. You have them packaged in convenient formats to facilitate their use and conservation. You can opt for multi-flavored oatmeal , flours from different nuts or even gluten in the form of flour so that you can make your own seitan . Buy Flour in our online store and start using it tomorrow. You will receive it in 24 hours.

  • Low Carb Ice Creams

    To show off a great body in summer ... an ice cream in each hand! Don't deprive yourself of eating your favorite ice cream and make it yourself at home or enjoy the flash ice cream of a lifetime , but without sugar. ¿ Who does not like to enjoy that sweet and cool pleasure? Well, here you have it and without skipping the diet, that is so complicated every time the heat arrives. Buy one of our Low Carb Ice Cream options and receive it at home in 24 hours.

  • Low Carb Bakery

    Buy Low Carb Bread online at the best price guaranteed . We know that you love bread and you don't want to give it up, that's why we bring you home the best low-carb breads on the market and in all formats: fresh bread , sìkes, nags, wraps ,  toasts , snacks bread ... and all low carb for you to enjoy without regrets. Put bread back into your Low Carb diet . Order now and you will have it at home in less than 24 hours.

  • Low Carb Pasta and Rice

    Thanks to the low carb pasta and rice options that we have for you, you can consume two of the quintessential carbohydrates of the Mediterranean diet, but with much less carbohydrates or directly without them . If your type of diet is low in carbohydrates , low carb , keto... these options are perfect for you. Replace the usual rice or pasta with any of our options and continue enjoying a good pasta or rice dish. If you place your order now, you will receive it in 24 hours .

  • Low Carb Pizza

    Pizza night? Now, even if you are on a diet, enjoy a delicious pizza without adding many carbohydrates thanks to OutletSalud. In our online store you can buy a Low Carb Pizza Base, rich in fiber and protein . Also, you have pizza base mixes to make yourself. Add your favorite ingredients and enjoy a Low Carb Pizza in your low-carbohydrate diet What are you waiting for? Order your low carb pizza now and receive it within 24 hours .

  • Low Carb Cake Shop

    Would you like some pancakes for breakfast? A croissant ? Or are you more than a good piece of sponge cake and some cookies ? In our online store you can find a wide range of Low Carb pastries so that you can continue to enjoy it in your day-to-day life. You can choose something already prepared such as a sponge cake, some cookies, a croissant ... or our preparations so that you can do it at home in the easiest way. Buy Low Carb Pastry online at the best price guaranteed , you will be at home in less than 24 hours.

  • Low Carb Snacks

    Compra Snacks Low Carb al mejor precio para esos momentos en los que el hambre aprieta y no te quieres saltar la diet. Availability of una gran variedad para ti: dulces snacks , salados snacks y Low Carb Chips ¿Qué te apetece más? los tienes en muchos sabores para que no eches nada de menos. Los puedes include en tu dieta sin problema . Busca el que más adapts to all necesidades.

  • Books on Food
  • Top Sales Brands

    Here you have a selection of the best-selling OutletSalud brands . All its products stand out for their high quality and unmatched nutritional values . They are products low in carbohydrates , high in protein and fiber and without added sugars , so that you can include them in your daily diet. As always, the best brands at the best prices in our online store . Place your order now and receive it tomorrow.

  • Compact Packaging

    Try our products in Pocket Format . This is the time to enjoy those products that you have always wanted to try and have not dared . You can already know if a product has the flavor you expected or the texture you are thinking of. Thanks to the Reduced Formats that you will find in this section of some of our best products. Buy in a reduced format and do a small tasting to clear up any doubts.

  • Promotional Packs

    Enjoy all the advantages of buying in Savings Format ! If you are thinking about buying more than one unit of a product or food that we have in our store because you like it a lot, you can do so by taking advantage of the promotional packs. Buy big. You can find a great variety of products in the form of Packs a great variety in the different categories.

  • Gadgets

    Find different accessories that you may need in your day to day from your favorite food brand from our store. With the shaker to carry your shakes , the training towel and the ultra light backpack you will have everything you need to go to the gym. In addition, you can find the OutletSalud mug to start the day with us.