Descubre La Stevia

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Marca: Ediciones Obelisco
Modelo: Descubre La Stevia

Discover the exciting world of Stevia from this book Descubre La Stevia which discloses clearly and simply the most powerful alternative to sugar and sweeteners: Stevia.

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Book Descubre La Stevia

Discover the exciting world of Stevia from this book Descubre La Stevia which discloses clearly and simply the most powerful alternative to sugar and sweeteners: Stevia.

Stevia is a small shrub native to the mountains of Amambay and has been consumed for centuries by its natives. Its leaf is the sweetest part and from which all its therapeutic properties.
Stevia can enjoy the tempting sweets without remorse, genuine alternative to sugar and sweeteners. This plant sweetens without adding calories, no side effects and contains important minerals and vitamins that boost the immune system so it is ideal for people who are overweight, diabetes and neurodermitis.

With this book you will find everything you need to know about stevia and derivatives. It also contains recipes and useful tips.

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    AuthorBarbara Simonsohn
    GenreWellness & Fitness
    Formatpaperback with flaps
    Publication dateSeptember 14, 2011
    BrandEdiciones Obelisco
    ModelDescubre La Stevia

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