La Paleo Dieta

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Modelo: La Paleo Dieta

Paleolithic Diet Book. This book offers a journey through the evolutionary process of feeding explaining the foundations and pillars of the paleolithic diet. You can find practical instructions and interesting recipes.

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Paleolithic Diet Book

Fiszbein Varda takes us into the exciting world of The Paleo Diet. This author takes a journey through the evolutionary process of feeding explaining the foundations and pillars of the paleolithic diet, offering practical instructions and delicious recipes.

Many nutritionists who are concerned about diseases of metabolism and overweight, propose a paleolithic diet in which food intake in the Stone Age is its cornerstone. According to researchers, most of the so-called "diseases of civilization" are due to food processing and agricultural system of the modern world, who choose to use their good looks and harmful substances with impunity.

This proposal feeding back the stone age would serve to prevent and cure many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and many less severe ailments. With high in animal protein and vegetable fiber, the Paleo diet makes it possible to achieve and maintain proper weight and enjoy good health.

Get your ideal weight with the caveman diet.

    Data sheet

    AuthorVarda Fiszbein
    GenreWellness & Fitness
    Formatpaperback with flaps
    Publication date2011
    BrandEdiciones Obelisco
    ModelLa Paleo Dieta

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