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All types of products or low-carbohydrate foods are divided between the three phases2  that make up the CiaoCarb brand. Prepared in the Italian style, you can now enjoy pasta, toast, cookies, cakes, snacks or croissants among others, made in an artisanal way rich in protein and fiber and characterized by their reduced amount of carbohydrates .

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Information about CiaoCarb products

CiaoCarb is the leading brand in Europe in the production of innovative2 foods for health and one of the companies that has the largest catalog of low-carbohydrate products worldwide .

The team of nutritionists behind the Italian brand CiaoCarb has managed to develop an innovative formula that is distributed over three phases to respond to different dietary needs:

CiaoCarb Fase 1 Proteinada: Rápida y Directa

CiaoCarb Phase 1 Protein: Fast and Direct

It is a phase with foods high in protein and that hardly contain carbohydrates . It's time to lose weight without starving. It is a super reduced attack phase and strict in carbohydrates, with a very low glycemic index and with products that generally come in individual servings.

The objective of this stage is to lose weight quickly . You can find an endless number of pastas, cookies, toast bread, piquitos, panettones, chocolates, crackers (scolds), buns, croissants, pizzas, muffins, cakes and chocolate creams.

CiaoCarb Phase 1 products are packaged in color red .

CiaoCarb Fase 2 Equilibrada: con Alto contenido en Fibra

CiaoCarb Phase 2 Balanced: with High Fiber content

Low calorie content and high fiber content . It's time to balance your diet and keep losing weight. CiaoCarb includes in this second phase foods low in carbohydrates and calories and rich in dietary fiber . The amount of protein that you find in these products is still high but lower than in Phase 1 since they are designed to accompany other meals.

The objective of Phase 2 is to achieve a loss of body fat following Phase 1 , maintaining the target weight and eliminating the rebound effect . In phase 2 of CiaoCarb you can find a wide variety of toast bread, buns, breads, snacks, croissants and cookies.

CiaoCarb Phase 2 products are packaged in color orange .

CiaoCarb Fase 3 Mantenimiento: Cuida y Mantén tu Línea

CiaoCarb Phase 3 Maintenance: Take Care and Maintain Your Line

Time to get in line with food balance. CiaoCarb includes in this third phase foods with low carbohydrate content to be able to follow a diet reduced in carbohydrates.

These products have a little more carbohydrates –without approaching the values ​​of traditional products- but to compensate for this, they are richer in fiber . In this way, CiaoCarb Phase 3 products reduce the assimilation of part of the carbohydrates that they provide when we eat them.

CiaoCarb Phase 3 foods are also suitable for children as they offer an extra supply of energy , for athletes or to take before any training session. In Phase 3 of CiaoCarb you will find a wide range of cookies and pastries.

CiaoCarb Phase 3 products are packaged in color green .

CiaoCarb, perfect foods for lose weight and maintain the line in a tasty and generous way

CiaoCarb products are indicated for any type of ketogenic diet : Keto Diet, Essential Diet, Lowcarb Diet, Low Carb Diet, Atkins Diet, Paleodiet, Isodiet, Dukan Diet, Pronokal Method; They are also ideal to maintain a Protein Diet or rich in proteins and for a diet rich in fiber .

Although the entire family of CiaoCarb products are divided into phases, these are not strict and are made for you to mix the products as you want depending on the amount of protein and fiber that you want to add to your diet, making sure at all times that, whichever phase you choose, you will have a low carbohydrate intake.

There is no specific duration for each phase with CiaoCarb products, rather these foods should be introduced into your daily diet for life . Eating well should be a life-long plan, not just for specific periods.