Family Collagen Magnesium 450 Tablets Ana María Lajusticia

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Marca: Ana María Lajusticia
Modelo: Family Collagen Magnesium 450 Tablets

Collagen is a protein supplement food based collagen hydrolyzate and magnesiumIt is the most abundant protein in the human body, being the essential cosntituyente of cartilage, tendons, bones and skin. Magnesium contributes to normal synthesis of proteins responsible for the maintenance of normal bones and hels reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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Collagen with Magnesium Ana María Lajusticia Family Format


- Many of the problems that today we face in a society marked by poor diet and stress, could be improved if we insert collagen in our daily diet.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and therefore needs to have them daily.

- All elements of our joints (cartilage, tendons and bones) are formed by collagen, so it helps us to delay the onset of wear in them.

- Almost all our body tissues require collagen may seem that there is no relationship between them (the walls of blood vessels or the lens of the eye, for example).

- The contribution of collagen to our bodies stay younger plus time, helps us stay in shape.

Athletes could prevent injuries such as torn ligaments, tendonitis, muscle strain, etc...when they are not due to external impacts.

- Collagen helps to prevent breakage of the blood vessels (spontaneous bruising).

- The hair needs to be healthy, good contributions of collagen.

- Skin requires collagen (better if it receives from the interior of the body) for maintenance and to delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Nails to be strong and healthy need to have collagen.

- This preparation has been added magnesium, since this element is very active in the formation of all proteins in our body .

Remember that you must always follow a healthy, balanced diet.


Collagen ..............................................648 mg.
Magnesium hydroxide .............................20 mg.
Magnesium carbonate .............................77 mg.

Excipients: Magnesium Silicate, Magnesium Stearate.

Dosage: 2 or 3 tablets per meal

    Data sheet

    Country of OriginSpain
    Units per container180
    Suitable for coeliacsYes
    BrandAna María Lajusticia
    ModelFamily Collagen Magnesium 450 Tablets

Nutritional Values:


By 6 tablets (4.3g)

By 9 tablets (6.5g)

Energy value

62 Kj / 15 Kcal

94 Kj / 22 Kcal


of which:

- Saturated

<0,1 g


<0,1 g

<0,1 g


<0,1 g


of which:

- Sugars

<0,1 g


<0,1 g

<0,1 g


<0,1 g

Protein (Collagen)

3,6 g

5,4 g


<0,1 g

<0,1 g


185 mg

277,5 mg


(49% VRN*)

(74% VRN*)

* VRN: Nutrient Reference Values

We have not yet declared the list of allergens for this product. For your own security, please visit the ingredients tab and carefully read the product ingredients.

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