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Sukrin is a Norwegian brand present in the world of Low Carb food since 2007. They are specialists in high quality sweeteners, mixes for bakery and pastry , Low Carb flours and sweet snacks, all gluten-free, sugar-free and with a very low percentage of carbohydrates.

  • With the Sukrin Chocolate Mousse  85g you can make a delicious Chocolate Mousse low in carbohydrates and healthy, with a flavor like that of the traditional Chocolate Mousse and it is also very easy to prepare. Only 85 kcal per serving Traditional flavor and texture Sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia

Information about Sukrin products

Sukrin, the healthy alternative without sugar and low in carbohydrates

Funksjonell Mat AS is the Norwegian company behind the Sukrin brand, which was founded in 2007. They are dedicated to making healthy products that facilitate the replacement of some everyday foods loaded with sugar or hydrates , such as bread or pastries and all based on totally natural ingredients. In addition, they manufacture healthy sweeteners of the highest quality and perfect as an alternative to sugar , based on stevia and erythritol. With the range of products they have in their catalog, you can replace common ingredients for bread or pastries with natural ingredients that are much healthier, but just as appetizing.

Why consume erythritol?

In this society, loaded with sugary food products, it is necessary to reduce or completely eliminate the consumption of sugar, since it has multiple harmful side effects for health, such as cardiovascular problems, cavities ... being one of the main causes of the increase in obesity, something that is constantly on the rise today and can lead to diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it is an addictive substance, compared to drugs on many occasions.

Erythritol is a sweetener of natural origin and one of the healthy alternatives that you can use to replace the sugar and thus reduce its consumption thanks to its peculiar characteristics:

  • It is a polyol that is found naturally in fruits and vegetables or in some fermented products such as corn

  • It has no calories and is not metabolized by our body

  • Does not modify blood glucose or insulin levels

  • Can be consumed by diabetics

  • Does not modify the intestinal flora with moderate consumption

  • It has almost the same sweetness as sugar and in some cases it is higher than

  • It is the best tolerated polyol by the body

Where can I buy Sukrin?

At OutletSalud we love Sukrin because we know that their products are of quality, so we are official distributors . In our online store you can buy the entire range of Sukrin to reduce sugar consumption: organic erythritol , erythritol in tablets , Sukrin Gold (which is erythritol that imitates brown sugar ), erythritol with greater sweetening power , specific erythritol for cooking ... In addition, you can buy syrups with fiber , low-carbohydrate preparations for baking , flavored liquid stevia , low carb flours ... We have all the Sukrin catalog at your disposal. What are you waiting to try any of their products? Take the sugar out of your life and put Sukrin in it. Fly as soon as we replenish.