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El Granero Integral is a Spanish company specialized in organic products and food supplements. Among its products you can find: flax seeds, sunflower seeds, preserves, essential oils and oat bran, among others.

Information about El Granero Integral products

El Granero Integral, the best organic foods

Biogran , the company responsible for the El Granero Integral brand, born over the years 80 in Spain with the idea of ​​covering a need in the food sector that was still in the air, organic food. The aim was to be able to offer a diet free of chemical pesticides, synthetic and transgenic fertilizers.

Currently, in addition to marketing with different brands of organic food, it has several brands of its own manufacture, with a wide assortment of more than 500 products in different categories such as organic food , supplements and organic cosmetics . They try to provide the public with quality products at the best price. In addition, they have a high qualification in the IFS certification (International Food Standard), an accreditation that certifies that the products and services have passed an exhaustive control, all in order to improve and be able to guarantee the safety and quality of your food products.

The Granero Integral has an experience as a brand of more than 35 years, based on an ecological and sustainable business model . For them, organic farming is not just their job, it is an ideal and the hope that our planet will have a better future with it.

What can you buy from El Granero Integral?

You already know that at OutletSalud we specialize in a low-carbohydrate diet and supplements that help you lead a healthy lifestyle , so we have selected different products that fit with our ideal in terms of nutrition, so that you can easily fit them into your low carb lifestyle. Within the El Granero Integral range, there is a wide variety of healthy and ecological foods and products. In our online store you can buy:

  • Organic coconut oil

  • Preserves with organic extra virgin olive oil

  • Seeds and bran from organic farming

  • Organic gluten

  • Pink Himalayan Salt and Agar-agar

  • Supplements

  • Essential oils

  • ...

Do you lead a healthy and ecological lifestyle? Browse through the different products that we have selected for you and buy El Granero Integral . With us, you receive your order in 24 hours . The best organic food at your fingertips , because we know that you like to take care of the planet.