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    Low Carb Bakery

    Buy Low Carb Bread online at the best price guaranteed . We know that you love bread and you don't want to give it up, that's why we bring you home the best low-carb breads on the market and in all formats: fresh bread , sìkes, nags, wraps ,  toasts , snacks bread ... and all low carb for you to enjoy without regrets. Put bread back into y...

    Buy Low Carb Bread online at the best price guaranteed . We know that you love bread and you don't want to give it up, that's why we bring you home the best low-carb breads on the market and in all formats: fresh bread , sìkes, nags, wraps ,  toasts , snacks bread ... and all low carb for you to enjoy without regrets. Put bread back into your Low Carb diet . Order now and you will have it at home in less than 24 hours.

    • Low Carb Protein Bread

      Do you eat a low-carbohydrate diet and love bread? Do you want to add more protein to your diet in a simple way? We present a wide range with the best protein and low-carbohydrate breads on the market. Enjoy bread without regrets and in a healthy way because they are made with the best ingredients. In our online store you can buy Low Carb protein bread today and receive it tomorrow.

    • Low Carb Bread Crumbs

      Prepare a rich breading with these wonderful and healthy options of low-carbohydrate breadcrumbs buying in our online store at the best price guaranteed. The Low Carb Bread Crumbs is designed so that you can enjoy a good breading without adding extra carbohydrates to your plate. This breadcrumbs is very low in carbohydrates and rich in fiber. If you buy Low Carb Bread Bread now you will receive your order in less than 24 hours .

    • Low Carb Bread Snack

      Do you like to have your capita with bread picks or a good scolding? Don't deprive yourself of that pleasure by following a low-carbohydrate diet . Here you can buy some scolds or some low carb bread spikes at the best price guaranteed. Enjoy that pleasure again without adding more carbohydrates to your diet because they are low in carbohydrates and rich in protein. Buy in our online store you will have your bread peaks and scold Low Carb at home in less than 24 hours.

    • Baking Preparations

      Do you make your own bread? We present different preparations for you to make bread at home. You can make bread with seeds , bread rich in fiber , chia bread ... all the breads to make that you can find in this section they are high in protein and low in carbohydrates . Make your own Low Carb bread at home. In our online store you can buy your Low Carb bread preparation today and receive it tomorrow.

    • Low Carb Wraps

      What are you going to have for dinner today? Can't think of anything? Try these Low Carb Wraps with a low percentage of carbohydrates, rich in protein and fiber . Prepare delicious fajitas with these tortillas. Fill with whatever you want and do not think about carbohydrates because they are so low in them that you will not have to worry. Do you feel like it? You can buy them at the best price guaranteed in our online store and have them at home in less than 24 hours .

    • Low Carb Toasts

      Who doesn't like a nice crispy toast? You can eat one at the time of day you choose, as they are very low in carbohydrates and high in protein . Enjoy the typical toast of a lifetime in its Low Carb version and don't worry about your low-carbohydrate diet . Choose from our wide variety the ones that you most want and buy a good Low Carb toast at the best price guaranteed in our online store .


    We have a wide variety of low-carbohydrate breads and rich in protein and fiber, that thanks to their nutritional values, you can continue to eat in your diet Low Carb . Choose the format that you like the most and take advantage of all its benefits, among which its low glycemic index is the main one.


    Bread throughout history

    El pan en la prehistoria

    It is not known exactly, but there is scientific evidence that places the origin of bread in Prehistory 75,000 BC. They mixed seeds and water, and baked the resulting dough into cakes.

    In the Neolithic , wheat began to be cultivated among other cereals and that porridge resulting from mixing water and wheat was converted into a daily part of the diet. wheat bread, as we know it today, was not consumed until 2500 BC in Egypt . It was still unleavened bread , unleavened, black and coarse, without fluffiness, without crumb. Since then, bread has been linked to the evolution of man, forming part of our culinary culture. To such an extent that even in the 21st century, at this time when low-carbohydrate diets are on the rise, bread is a fundamental food that can continue to be eaten and that you can buy online at the best price.

    Over the years, bread began to boom, especially in Classical Greece , adding other types of cereals and ways of making it, making the bread sometimes sweet thanks to honey or walnuts. They attributed its origin to the gods, making it a sacred food and its consumption was limited to the most privileged classes.

    The profession of baker also arose in Ancient Greece , also giving rise to the first bakery products. For the Greeks, bread had divine origin, being unleavened bread a true delicacy of the gods. The Greeks created more than 70 different breads: barley, bran, oats, rice ... adding different spices, nuts and honey. Hence, it is also thought that they were the pioneers of pastry.

    Panaderías en la Grecia Clásica

    In the 1st century , the Romans gave a great boost to the culture of bread by improving ovens, mills and machines where it was kneaded. bread was a food for the rich and it was well seen to dedicate oneself to the trade of the bakery . Rome had bakeries run by specialized Greek bakers.

    Currently, Roman ovens continue to exist and are considered direct heating furnaces. Italian production is highly valued. In our online store you can buy Low Carb bread at the best guaranteed price , finding within our selection peaks, scolds and other variants of the best Italian brands .

    In the Middle Ages the wheat harvest advanced thanks to the invention of machines that used to replace man and the first steam mills emerged. Despite this, there was no progress in baking, but in the midst of a great shortage and famine the cultivation of cereals decreased. Once again the bread was eaten by the wealthy classes, who wasted it using it as a plate and later threw it to the hungry poor.

    At the end of the 18th century , agriculture progressed and with it the production of bread. The price drops and the bread finally reaches the entire population. In the 19th century new improvements appeared in the cultivation of wheat and new yeasts that made bread a softer food.

    In the 20th century , with the First World War , bread was once again a luxury food due to its scarcity, since the fields were used for the battles, not for cultivation. It is from the 20s when bread was once again easily present, at which time the baguette was born, becoming a symbol of France < / strong>. Good news again, in the 21st century you can continue eating baguettes despite eating a low-carbohydrate diet. You can buy a Low Carb Baguette or Baking Mix and receive it in less than 24 hours .

    In World War II , a desolate and hardship time, bread was rationed and of poor quality.

    We can say that from that primitive bread to date, bread has gone through different stages, manufacturing methods and ingredients used. Today we have more than 320 varieties of bread distributed all over the world, as in our online store you can find a wide range of low-carb breads so that you can buy from the comfort of your home.

    What is Low Carb Bakery

    In recent times, bread has suffered a decrease in its consumption due to various intolerances and different types of diets. Despite this, advances have led to specific breads according to needs , such as bread for low-carbohydrate diets . Eat again that bread that is part of culinary history thanks to our online store , where you can buy low-carbohydrate bread at the best price guaranteed.

    The Low Carb Bakery emerges as an alternative to traditional bread. With this bread you can maintain your low carbohydrate diet , even your Ketogenic diet or Keto diet without worrying so much about carbohydrates carbon .

    We all love a delicious and tasty slice of freshly toasted bread in the morning with our breakfast. The aroma of bread and spongy or crunchy texture have been part of our mornings all our lives. Or some bread peaks with a lid or while we eat. You will be surprised to discover that you follow the diet you follow, you can enjoy a Healthy Low Carb Bread .

    Why shop at the Low Carb Bakery

    Do you have a Low Carb diet or are you on a weight loss diet ? Is your diet keto ? Don't worry because you can continue consuming bakery products. Thanks to the great properties of the different Low Carb Breads , you can include our products in your diet:

    · Up to 70% less carbohydrates than traditional and slow assimilation bread, which results in a low glycemic index

    · Being rich in high quality vegetable protein , they have a high satiating power

    · They contain a high fiber content , helping improve intestinal transit and have a lower glycemic index

    · They are made with top quality ingredients , such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    · They are suitable for diabetics and there are vegan options

    · They are suitable for any reduced carbohydrate diet s or Low Carb diet

    · We have a great variety, you can find Low Carb Bread in different formats according to your tastes: toasted bread , freshly baked bread , peaks, you scold , breadcrumbs , tortillas for fajitas , hamburger bun or prepared to bake your own bread.

    In our online store you will find a wide range of Low Carb bakery , because ... WITH YOU, BREAD AND ONION!