Book Sal Cristalina del Himalaya

EAN-13: 9788477209812
Marca: Ediciones Obelisco
Modelo: Book Sal Cristalina del Himalaya

The book Sal Cristalina del Himalaya (Himalayan Crystal Salt) enrich you with his pleasant and brief history of Himalayan salt. You will discover all the curiosities and applications condiment high nutritional value.

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Sal Cristalina del Himalaya  (Himalayan Crystal Salt)

The book Himalayan Crystal Salt is a book that tells the history and curiosities of this mythical seasoning over 250 million years ago. Since its inception, training and components to their uses in cooking and medicine.

The book exposes both external and internal applications of this condiment high nutritional value and important source of minerles.

    Data sheet

    Author Dr. Jürgen Weihofen
    Publisher Obelisco
    Genre Mind, body and spirituality
    ISBN 9788477209812
    Format paperback with flaps
    Language Spanish
    Publication date December 23, 2002
    Brand Ediciones Obelisco
    Model Book Sal Cristalina del Himalaya

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