CiaoCarb Stage 1 Protofibra Bread Crumbs 250g

EAN-13: 8056860751141
Marca: CiaoCarb
Modelo: Pan Rallado Protofibra Fase 1

The Phase 1 Protofiber Bread Crumbs from CiaoCarb is ideal for coating or breading without adding extra carbohydrates to the plate. Keep enjoying a rich frying because it has some great characteristics:

  • ✅ High fiber content
  • ✅ Rich in protein
  • ✅ Low in carbohydrates

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CiaoCarb Stage 1 Protofibra Bread Crumbs 

With the Phase 1 Protofiber Bread Crumbs from CiaoCarb you can once again enjoy your favorite frying or bake your batters without skipping your diet. With this breadcrumbs, not only are you not adding carbohydrates, but you are adding fiber and protein to your plate.

The Protofiber Breadcrumbs of CiaoCarb belongs to Phase 1 of CiaoCarb foods, which are characterized by having more proteins and less carbohydrates, thus promoting weight loss.

Lose weight while enjoying the taste of traditionally forbidden foods. The perfect complement to any meal or snack that will help you lose body fat by keeping you satiated and with a low carb intake. Thanks to the feeling of satiety they provide, you can eat them at any time.

The ingredients used in the preparation of Protofiber have been specifically selected and studied to obtain a great taste and a balanced product.

Characteristics of CiaoCarb Phase 1 Protofiber Bread Crumbs:

  • High in protein , thus helping to control satiety and balance the daily protein intake you need
  • Low in carbohydrates , so you can enjoy without worrying about the excess carbohydrates that traditional breadcrumbs usually contain
  • High in fiber , which helps you have a low glycemic index and at the same time helps the proper functioning of the digestive tract
  • It is suitable for diabetics , keto diet , Low Carb diet or any healthy diet

CiaoCarb is the leading brand in Europe in the production of innovative foods for health and one of the companies with the largest catalog of low-carbohydrate products worldwide.

Format: package with 250g

    Data sheet

    Net Weight250g
    Country of OriginItaly
    Suitable for vegetariansYes
    Suitable for vegansYes
    Suitable for coeliacsNo
    Suitable for diabeticsYes
    Contains LactoseNo
    ModelPan Rallado Protofibra Fase 1

Contains Wheat (Gluten) . May contain traces of nuts, sesame, soybeans and lupins .

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