Bliss Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

Marca: Bliss
Modelo: BL-T990

CE, FDA and RoHS certified flexible tip digital clinical thermometer.

  • ✅ Fast and accurate measurement
  • ✅ Flexible tip that bends up to 45º
  • ✅ Valid for oral, rectal and axillary measurement
  • ✅ Automatic shutdown
  • ✅ Fever alarm

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Bliss Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

This Bliss flexible tip digital clinical thermometer is a bestseller thanks to its affordable price and ease of use. It can be used for both oral, rectal and axillary temperature measurement, even in babies. Allows you to switch between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit.

The Bliss digital thermometer has a digital measurement screen, which shows the temperature, and also provides an audible alert if fever is detected.

Temperature measurement is performed in a few seconds upon contact with the body in the mouth, rectum or armpit and a beep indicates when the temperature has been correctly obtained and the thermometer can be removed.

This digital thermometer includes a long-lasting battery that provides hundreds of uses, as well as a practical plastic storage case. The tip can be washed or sanitized with an alcohol wipe.

Model: BL-T990

Instructions for use: When you turn on the thermometer, the last measurement will appear for a couple of seconds on the screen and then you will see the "L" sign next to the degrees sign flashing, indicating that the device is ready to use. Place the silver tip in the location being measured (mouth, rectum, or armpit) and wait 12-14 seconds for a beep, which will precede the temperature reading displayed on the LCD screen.

Multi-purpose utility: The reading can be displayed in degrees Celsius (ºC) or Fahjrenheit (ºF), and after the measurement is completed, the thermometer will automatically turn off. To change from ºC to ºF or vice versa, turn the thermometer off by pressing the button and hold the button for an additional 5 seconds until the desired mode appears on the right (ºC or ºF). This thermometer automatically turns off 10 minutes after its last use, which will extend its own life. The metal tip of this thermometer has been designed so that, after use, the thermometer is easy to sanitize: Just apply disinfectant or clean the tip with an alcohol wipe. The product is accompanied by instructions for use in Spanish inside the packaging.

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