Cooking Organic Coconut Oil 500ml Granero Integral

EAN-13: 8422584044089
Marca: El Granero Integral
Modelo: Aceite de Coco Bio para cocinar 500ml

El Granero Integral Organic Coconut Oil to Cook is a gluten-free oil and without additives, subjected to a deodorization process so that it does not smell or add flavor to the food and packed in less than 72 hours from harvest to guarantee freshness.

✅ Eco Certificate (BIO)

✅ Not bleached

✅ Deodorized

✅ Glass container

✅ Suitable for baking, cooking and frying

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Cooking Organic Coconut Oil 500ml Granero Integral

Add Granero Integral Organic Coconut Oil to your diet and enjoy a healthier life. The El Granero Integral Virgin Coconut Oil, with organic certificate, is a product of the highest quality, which has been deodorized so as not to mask the flavor of your recipes. It is suitable for baking, cooking, frying and as a substitute for butter.

El Granero Integral Organic Coconut Oil is produced in the Philippines following a rigorous natural process, which guarantees an average time of only 72 hours between harvest and packaging, thus providing an unprecedented freshness to the product.

This organic coconut oil has the ES-ECO-002 CM certification for organic farming of external origin to the European Union and is packaged at source in glass containers that prevent the transfer of odors or flavors to the product.

To produce this coconut oil, only the coconut fat obtained in the first cold pressing is used, without additives of any kind, and therefore raw and gluten-free.

Format: Glass Jar of 500ml

Uses: Visit the page referring to the uses of Coconut Oil by clicking here.

    Data sheet

    Country of OriginPhilippines
    Volume500 ml
    Organic CertifiedYes
    Suitable for vegetariansYes
    Suitable for vegansYes
    Suitable for coeliacsYes
    Suitable for diabeticsYes
    Contains LactoseNo
    Brand El Granero Integral
    ModelAceite de Coco Bio para cocinar 500ml


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