Naturday Delicious Oat Meal 2 kg

Marca: Naturday
Modelo: Oatmeal

If the flavor of your biscuits and pancakes bores you, Naturday Delicious Oat Meal offers a wide range of irresistible flavors of oatmeal that will delight your breakfasts and snacks.

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Naturday Delicious Oat Meal 2 kg

Naturday Delicious Oate Meal is a nutritious food, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and a source of medium-assimilated carbohydrates that provides the energy necessary for energetic daily consumption. Thanks to its texture, it can be taken directly diluted in water, in juice or added to your protein shakes. It comes in different formats and flavors to better adapt to your needs.

Naturday Delicious Oat Meal is 100% whole, free of added sugars and low in fat.

Oatmeal is a cereal rich in slow-absorbing carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber making it ideal for athletes. In addition, being rich in soluble fiber produces a feeling of fullness, thus reducing the sensation of hunger and anxiety.


  • Improves the metabolism
  • It regulates the level of blood sugar thanks to beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that helps slow down the period of digestion by achieving a slower absorption of carbohydrates.
  • Low glycemic index
  • Anticancer properties
  • Helps lower LDL cholesterol
  • Excellent source of energy

You can choose from over 20 flavors of Delicious Oat Meal Naturday:

  1. Neutral
  2. Cinnamon Vanilla
  3. Black cookies and cream
  4. Triple black chocolate
  5. Bombon rocher
  6. Meringue milk
  7. Cheesecake with strawberries
  8. Banana cream
  9. Chocolate and orange with cinnamon
  10. Maria cookie
  11. Choco cookies
  12. Catalan cream
  13. Custard with biscuit
  14. Brownie
  15. Cheesecake with lemon
  16. Almond nougat
  17. Strawberry banana
  18. Strawberry with cream
  19. Tiramisu
  20. Chocolate Donut
  21. Peanut and caramel
  22. White chocolate with strawberries
  23. White chocolate

Format: Bucket

Size: 2 kg

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    Data sheet

    Net Weight2 kg
    Country of OriginSpain
    Suitable for vegetariansYes
    Suitable for vegansYes
    Suitable for coeliacsNo
    Servings Per Container40

We have not yet declared the list of allergens for this product. For your own security, please visit the ingredients tab and carefully read the product ingredients.

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