Low Carb Protein Shake Strawberry Flavour 250 ml

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Marca: Weider
Modelo: Low Carb Protein Shake Strawberry Flavour 250 ml

Low Carb Shake Weider Protein shakes are a high protein quality. They are low in carbohydrates and sugars so they are ideal for those who follow a low carbohydrate diet, weight loss diet and athletes.     

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Low Carb Protein Shake

Low Carb Protein Shake  Flavour Strawberry Weider is a protein shake very low in carbohydrates and sugars with 25 grams of milk protein of the highest quality and only 5 grams of carbohydrates. With a low fat (less than 3%), Low Carb Protein Shake is suitable for periods of diet or definition.

Its practical packaging canned allows you to enjoy a great shake anywhere. Take preferably after training.


- 25 g of milk protein

- 5 g of carbohydrates

- Suitable for diabetics

- Suitable for celiacs

 Net Weight: 250 ml 


    Data sheet

    Net Weight25 g
    Country of OriginGermany
    Volume250 ml
    Suitable for vegetariansNo
    Suitable for vegansNo
    Suitable for coeliacsYes
    Suitable for diabeticsYes
    Servings Per Container1
    ModelLow Carb Protein Shake Strawberry Flavour 250 ml

Skim milk, milk protein, aroma, sweetener: E 952, E 950, E 954; stabilizer: carrageenan; coloring: carmine. It contains lactose.  

Nutricional information


Per 100 g

Per 250 ml


 61 kcal

151 kcal


of which saturated

0,1 g

0,1 g 

0,3 g

0,3 g


of which sugar


4,9 g

4,8 g


12 g


10 g

25 g


0,1 g

0,25 g


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