Slim Pasta Multi Flavour Pack (20 packages)

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If you've already used Slim Pasta and want to savor the countless pasta dishes you can make healthy and nutritious way do not miss this incredible Slim Pasta Multi Flavour Pack 20 packages with 15% discount

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Slim Pasta Multi Flavour Pack

If you've already used Slim Pasta and want to savor the countless pasta dishes you can make healthy and nutritious way do not miss this incredible Slim Pasta Multi Flavour Pack 20 packages with 15% discount.

This pack includes:
- 4 x Slim Pasta Rice
- 4 x Slim Pasta Spaguetti
- 4 x Slim Pasta Penne
- 4 x Slim Pasta Noodles (noodles)
- 4 x Slim Pasta Fettucine 

What is Slim Pasta?

Pasta Slim pasta the first containing only 9 kcal per 100 g and further contains 0 % of carbohydrates, fats, sugars and glutenWith this special composition, this food helps you in losing weight. Best of all is that Slim Pasta is a great alternative for people with gluten intolerance and for vegetarians and vegans.

What is the secret of Slim Pasta? 

Slim Pasta produced from natural fibers, called glucomannan, obtained from the konjac plantScientific research of the European Food Safety Authority has been scientifically proven that this substance produces satiety and helps with weight loss. It also brings fiber to your eating plan low in carbs!

The uniqueness of this fiber lies in the fact that a feeling of fullness to 4 hours after ingestion, while exceptionally low in calories, especially when compared with other compounds. A pack of 270 grams contains only 24 kcalThe same amount of traditional pasta without seasoning can contribute up to 700 kcal. For this reason, eating Slim Pasta is an easy way to reduce calorie intake, limit your intake of carbohydrates and contribute to burning stored fat, helping you lose weight fast, healthy and efficient manner.

Slim Pasta How to prepare?

Slim Pasta is very easy to prepare, and you can apply the same preparation as for traditional pasta. All ingredients are pre-cooked, so calertarlo with just two minutes, you can have a wonderful pasta dish on your table. All you have to do is wash the cooked pasta with water and then heat gently in a pan or microwave. Later you can add your spices, sauces, meat, fish and vegetable favorites to enjoy great dish with little or no carbohydrate.

From Chicken Curry with Noodles to Slim spaghetti Bolognese with Pasta Slim, even a great chili con carne with Slim rice or paella. Food with 0 % carbohydrate, 0 % sugar, 0 % fat and 0 % of gluten with a very low calorie was never so tasty and easy!

Slim Pasta Varieties

Slim paste comes in packs of 270 grams ready to serve. The different varieties available are Slim Noodles (thin noodles), Spaghetti Slim, Slim Pasta (Penne), Slim and Slim Rice Fettuccine.

Features of Slim Pasta

- 100 % Free of Carbohydrates

- 100 % Fat Free

- 100 % Gluten Free

- 9 calories per 100g

- Rich in Fiber

- Produce feeling aciedad

- Help you lose weight

- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    Data sheet

    Country of Origin United Kingdom
    Units per container 20
    Suitable for vegetarians Yes
    Suitable for vegans Yes
    Suitable for coeliacs Yes
    Suitable for diabetics Yes
    Brand Slim Pasta
    Model Slim Pasta Multi Flavour Pack 20 packages

We have not yet declared the list of allergens for this product. For your own security, please visit the ingredients tab and carefully read the product ingredients.

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Susana A. el día 2017-06-15 Me encanta este pack. Ya lo he comprado más veces. lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.
Pasta Slim
Javier G. el día 2017-12-23 Buena y sobre todo sin carbohidratos, que es lo importante
Sandra K. el día 2018-01-12 Muy buenas produktos
Hidratos a raya
Miguel Angel B. el día 2018-05-03 Me encantaba comer pasta y arroz y con este sustituto podré volver a hacerlo
Perfecto, como siempre.
Tomás C. el día 2018-07-14 Perfecto, como siempre.

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