Pack Bikini Mode

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We bring you a pack designed specifically for Bikini Mode Operation with everything you need to lose weight for the summer quickly and effectively.  

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Pack Bikini Mode

Pack Bikini Mode includes all products that will help you lose weight for this summer coming.

Specifically, this pack includes:

- 1 Pack of 12 flavors Bolero Drinks

- 2 Packages of Slim Pasta Spaghetti 200 g

- 2 Packages of Slim Pasta Rice 200 g

- 2 Bottles 0% 2Bslim Carbonara Sauce 250 ml

- 1 Bottle Walden Farms Bleu Cheese Dip 340 g

- 1 Bottle Fat Burning Vitalimax Nutrition 100 capsules

- 1 Bottle of Vitalimax Nutrition African Mango + Raspberry Extract 100 capsules

- 1 Package of Sukrin granulated 500 g

- 2 packages CiaoCarb Plain Prototoast Stage 1 Crispy Bread 200 g 

- 2 packages CiaoCarb Plain Protobread Stage 2 Bread 300 g

- 2 Packages CiaoCarb Tagliatelle Protopasta Stage 1 Long Shape Pasta 100 g

- 2 Packages CiaoCarb Lasagna Protopasta Stage 1 Long Shape Pasta 150 g

- 2 Bottles CiaoCarb Chocolate Protochoc Stage 1 Chocolate Spread 100 g

- 6 Bars CiaoCarb Chocolate Protochoc Stage 1 Chocolate Bar 35 g

With this pack it will be much easier for you to lose weight and also save a lot of money when buying all products together, as the price for this pack is much lower than price for buying each product individually.

What are you waiting for? Start now and get ready for the summer.

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