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Sura Vitasan is a Canadian family business that began its filming in 1977. They are specialists in food supplements for the prevention and cure of pathologies, making highly quality tested products available to the user. 

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    Pro-Intensity by Sura Vitasan is a powerful and advanced combination of 18 selected bacterial strains , bovine colostrum (8% polypeptides rich in proline), FOS (chicory) and OSA (larch) that helps the recovery of flora: ✅ 20 billion viable bacteria per capsule ✅ With colostrum immune booster ✅ Ideal for diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, Chron and...

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    The Coconut Powder MCT from Sura Vitasan is obtained from the mixture of Coconut (grown in a controlled manner) and Acacia Gum (provides a large amount of fiber, apart from a nice soft texture). It has numerous health benefits: ✅ Promotes weight loss ✅ Helps maintain ketosis ✅ Helps reduce fat and cholesterol ✅ Power source

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    Re-lectrolites by Sura Vitasan is a formula that contributes to the electrolyte balance necessary for an active life. Ideal for physical activity , low carbohydrate and keto diet : ✅ Reduces tiredness and fatigue ✅ Promotes hydration ✅ 100% natural ingredients ✅ No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors

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    The Bone Broth Protein from Sura Vitasan is of very high quality and you can add it to stews, soups or drink it with hot water. In addition, it has an unbeatable nutritional profile: ✅ 99% natural protein ✅ Very low in fat ✅ Without carbohydrates ✅ Beef free of antibiotics, BSE and hormones ✅ Free feeding on pastures in Sweden

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    Kelp from Sura Vitasan provides 225mg of elemental iodine per tablet . Kelp is a very beneficial superfood for your health: ✅ Improves thyroid hormone production ✅ Normalizes the functioning of the nervous system ✅ Normalizes metabolism ✅ It has a high antioxidant power

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    Pro-Recovery by Sura Vitasan is a powerful and advanced combination of 20 selected bacterial strains , FOS (chicory) and OSA (larch), which helps the recovery of flora: ✅ 120,000 million viable bacteria per capsule ✅ Higher potency probiotic ✅ Ideal for prolonged and multiple treatments with antibiotics

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    Pro-Urgency by Sura Vitasan is a powerful and advanced combination of 10 selected bacterial strains , FOS (chicory) and AOS (larch ) that helps the recovery of flora: ✅ 50,000 million viable bacteria per capsule ✅ Rapid recovery of flora ✅ Ideal for phases of diarrhea, stress, depression and cardiovascular diseases.

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    Spirulina from Sura Vitasan is a food supplement with spirulina grown in controlled ponds free of contaminants. Among its many benefits we highlight that: ✅ Contains 1,000mg of spirulina per tablet ✅ Very rich in B12 ✅ It is very rich in proteins and amino acids ✅ Stimulates the immune system ✅ Increases physical resistance and accelerates recovery

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    Ginkgo Formula of Sura Vitasan is an advanced formula with beneficial effects on brain aging: ✅ Improves memory and concentration ✅ Improves dizziness, migraines and occasional dizziness ✅ Improves blood flow to the brain ✅ Prevents memory-related diseases

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    Colesterin from Sura Vitasan is a high quality food supplement indicated to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels . The best natural ingredients for cholesterol, mixed in a synergistic formula to ensure greater effectiveness: ✅ 100% natural ingredients ✅ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Matrix ✅ ISO 17025 laboratory tested

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    St. John's Wort Hypericum by Sura Vitasan is an advanced formula with the highest quality extracts that produces beneficial effects on emotional balance: ✅ Normalizes the mood ✅ Contributes to relaxation ✅ Enhances emotional well-being

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    Melatonin from Sura Vitasan is a high quality nutritional supplement tested in an accredited laboratory according to the ISO 17025 standard, giving it a great purity. Take advantage of its benefits: ✅ Relieves the feeling of jet lag ✅ Promotes relaxation of the body ✅ Fall asleep faster ✅ It helps a quality rest

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Information about Sura Vitasan products

The Canadian company Sura Vitasan has been in the Spanish market since 1995 and is dedicated to distributing and marketing a wide range of imported food supplements from Canada of the highest quality.

Where are Sura Vitasan supplements manufactured?

They are products carefully formulated in New Roots Herbal , its own laboratory, this being one of the most advanced in the country. As a result, highly effective and pure products.

Quality is very important to them, so they are tested in the laboratory and have the ISO 17025, standard to ensure the nature of their food supplements.

Your laboratory is made up of a team of great research, quality and safety professionals, to which we have to add cutting-edge technology. Doctors in Analytical Chemistry, Doctors in Food Sciences, Agricultural Chemists, Biologists and agro-industrial engineers make up the team. His specialties range from Biotechnology, Ezymatology, Chemistry, Biodiversity, Microbiology and expert chemists in proteins, among others.

What are Sura Vitasan food supplements made with?

Its products are made according to GMP standards (good manufacturing practices). They choose the best raw materials from reputable suppliers and apply strict controls and analysis from start to finish to guarantee the potency and high quality of the product.

In the manufacture of Sura Vitasan food supplements, no preservatives, aromatics or coloring agents are used . The products, as far as possible, are free of common allergens such as crustaceans, milk or their derivatives, sugar, starch, wheat, corn, soy or yeast, characteristics that you can find on the labels of their products. .

The excipients or inactive ingredients necessary for the manufacture of capsules and tablets are of natural origin , mainly using microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate vegetable, silica, maltodextrin, vegetable stearic acid, dibasic calcium phosphate and croscarmellose sodium.

The raw materials they use include: plants, vitamins, vegetable and fish oils, minerals and nutraceuticals.

All capsules used in the manufacture of Sura Vitasan products are 100% vegetable cellulose and without genetic modification (NO GMO).

The tablets, with the exception of Vitamin C, are formulated to ensure that their dissolution in the body takes place between 20-30 minutes, thus ensuring maximum absorption.

New Roots Herbal ensures that the products are free of contaminants and alterations, demanding the highest standards of identity, purity and efficacy. At all levels, the laboratory is committed to manufacturing the safest and highest quality natural products.

Why buy Sura Vitasan supplements?

The objective of this brand is to produce the most therapeutic products in the world , for which they have developed a team that is as strict as possible. They provide innovative and effective formulations in the field of natural medicine to take care of health. They have quality as a priority and we put them at your disposal, so that you can buy Sura Vitasan Supplements at the best guaranteed price .