List of products by manufacturer Mon

Mon is a brand of exclusive natural cosmetic products that emerged in Spain in 1993. Its catalog is made up of a wide range of cosmetic products with one main objective: to achieve a composition that is the most natural possible.

Information about Mon products

Mon brand cosmetics are natural, without synthetic perfumes, including the maximum of natural products in their composition. They are always scented with essential oils, offering us their natural aroma and therapeutic properties, to promote the health of the skin and the body in general.

They started filming more than 20 years ago, when it was not as easy as now to have the natural ingredients they needed and they traveled to different countries, to be able to make their products with the best raw materials.

Their formulations have been changing in order to adapt them to the COSMOS and ECOCERT standards (ECOCERT certifies the products by granting endorsements of natural and ecological cosmetics).

What are the main benefits of buying Mon brand products?

It is 100% natural cosmetic: they use pure ingredients to obtain better results (vegetable and essential oils, flower extracts, distillates, macerates ...).

Cruelty Free: None of their products have been tested on animals, which is a requirement they make to their suppliers.

Sustainable cosmetics: They do not understand natural cosmetics without sustainability and they try to produce a minimal ecological impact on the planet, both in the manufacturing process and in the packaging.

Aromatherapy and cosmetics Mon

Mon uses essential oils in its cosmetics , most of which come from organic farming, a fact that makes them unique as cosmetics. They use the different properties of each essential oil to improve the formulation of their cosmetics, while taking advantage of their fragrant properties that aromatherapy grants them, acting in a subtle way on the mind and emotions.