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FullGreen is a company founded by a married couple from the United Kingdom and with offices in their own country and in the United States. It creates healthy, easy-to-prepare, plant-based, low-carb foods and does not add salt, sugars, chemical flavorings, or preservatives to its products.

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Information about FullGreen products

The company FullGreen , with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, specializes in the preparation of healthy foods, which are easy to prepare, and are plant-based and low in carbohydrates.

FullGreen does not add salt, sugars, chemical flavorings or preservatives to their products, which makes them great and natural foods.

The founders of FullGreen began their research and development work two years before its launch in 2015. As a result of this R&D effort, FullGreen obtained patents for the manufacturing process of its innovative products, which are produced in a one-of-a-kind factory.

Why buy FullGreen products at OutletSalud?

Since its launch under the brand name Cauli-Rice , FullGreen's products have continued to improve and evolve, with new variety launches reaching millions of people in a short time. Their initial product, Cauli-Rice is now called "Riced Cauliflower," or Cauliflower Rice , and is available throughout the United States and much of Europe.

A range of natural products with a great profile:

  • 12 months shelf life

  • Certification of vegan products

  • Gluten free

  • Non-GMO

  • No added sugar

  • For keto and paleo diets

  • Production in USA

  • Plant Based Food Association Member

The best features so that you can buy high quality food at OutletSalud .

OutletSalud, FullGreen distributors in Spain

Meanwhile, in the United States and the United Kingdom, FullGreen's products are distributed mainly in large distribution chains such as Walmart or Marks & Spencer, in Spain, the distribution of Cauli-Rice and The rest of FullGreen's products are carried by OutletSalud , a pioneer in the distribution of low-carbohydrate foods for Europe, the United States and Latin America.

OutletSalud imports, stores and distributes all FullGreen products , guaranteeing the supply chain at all times. These include cauliflower rice, sweet potato rice, cauliflower rice with broccoli, and cauliflower rice with tomato, garlic and aromatic herbs.