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Naturpan is a company dedicated, since 1964, to the manufacture of German breads, for diet and special breads.

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Information about Naturpan products

The Naturpan philosophy is based on the fact that taking care of your diet is no longer something expensive, cumbersome, or condemned to strange flavors. Naturpan manufactures a wide range of dietary foods and for people with special nutritional needs (such as people with diabetes or celiac disease) that are accessible to everyone thanks to their price, taste and high quality.

Why consume low-carbohydrate products?

At present, not only do diabetics need low-carbohydrate products, since obesity and the different pathologies that it entails are associated with a generalized excess of carbohydrates. Countless low carb diets are proposed to be in optimal health. At OutletSalud we know this, so we are constantly searching for brands like Naturpan, to offer you the best at the best price

With these concepts in mind, Naturpan manufactures and sells food for professional clients , that is, shops and supermarkets that want to include items of great nutritional value on their shelves. Therefore, from now on you can get your Naturpan products at the best price in OutletSalud.