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PowerBar is an expert brand in sports nutrition born in 1986 that has products for athletes developed by athletes, made with high-quality ingredients.

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Information about PowerBar products

At PowerBar they are authentic experts in sports nutrition , backed by more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Since 1986, PowerBar offers products for athletes developed by athletes. To do this, they use only high-quality ingredients, giving great importance to the taste of the products, to make them attractive to everyone.

The objective of PowerBar is that all sports lovers, whether professionals or amateurs, receive the nutritional contribution they need at the right time.

Why are the PowerBar energy bars emerging?

A Canadian endurance athlete was inspired after collapsing shortly before reaching the goal of his competition due to lack of energy and took on the challenge of starting to work on a product that would change sports nutrition forever: energy bars. < / p>

Born in 1986, the first PowerBar bar weighed 65 grams and measured 12 cm. If you want to enjoy the original flavor, you can make it by following the first recipe they have on their website clicking here .

Since its first bar in 1986, the PowerBar has adapted the ingredients, the flavors have been improved and, thankfully, the look is now much more palatable. A model of success for the following decades and one that other companies have followed.

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