List of products by manufacturer CSC FOODS

CSC Foods is the Spanish brand that is born as a result of the intense research and development in lowcarb diets that started developing for the publication of the book Cocinar sin Carbohidratos.

Launched in Spain in 2020, the CSC Foods brand aims to popularize low-carb, high-quality foods at popular prices, so that all families can benefit from the advantages of eating sugar-free foods with very low glycemic index. Since its inception, the brand has shown great concern for using only top quality ingredients in the elaboration of its products.

Information about CSC FOODS products

The company that develops CSC FOODS products is The Low-Carb Company, which specializes in the production of Low Carb foods targeted to ketogenic, low carb and healthy diets in general. CSC FOODS products are produced in Europe, and specifically many of them in Spain, using only the best ingredients, under an exhaustive quality control at the production sites.

For the development of low-carb products, CSC Foods stands from the experience of more than 5 years in the low-carb food market, for which more than 120 low-carb recipes were developed for the edition and publication of the book Cocinar sin Carbohidratos, absolute bestseller in the market of low glycemic cooking.

Lowcarb foods are intended for a wide range of people. On the one hand, people who follow low carb diets find in this brand a benchmark of quality products at a price more than reasonable. People who suffer from diabetes, of any kind, and need to follow a low glycemic diet, without ruining their family economies, will also find a great ally in CSC Foods to achieve their goals.

In the elaboration of low carb foods, copious investments in research and development are necessary, since it is very difficult to manufacture high quality low carbohydrate foods, which also have adequate flavors and textures. In this sense, the CSC Foods brand has challenge the market, proving that foods such as its bread can be produced without fast assimilation carbohydrates, hardly showing any differences in flavor and textures with traditional bread, but containing up to 80% less carbohydrates than this and, quite importantly, it does not cost as if it was a bread manufactured with gold.

The writers of the book Cocinar sin Carbohidratos were very clear that the ultimate goal of the book was to demonstrate that low-carb feeding should not be a one-time thing, reserved only for a handful of people, but instead low-carb foods should go gradually replacing foods that are rich in sugars that make such a dent in our health. From this perspective, the goal of CSC Foods is to become a popular brand, with popular prices, so that everyone can benefit from the low carb diet that promulgates with their products.

The first product out of the ovens of CSC Foods, as anyone could expect, is a very low carb bread. For thousands of years, bread has accompanied human civilization but, unfortunately, in recent decades, its massive industrial production has resulted in very low-cost breads, with a very high glycemic index, produced in any way using only flours which are highly refined

The low carb bread from CSC Foods is both a step back and a leap forward in bread making technology. The low-carb bread from CSC Foods is produced in an artisanal way in Spain, as it was in the past, using real whole wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil, using cereals and whole seeds, to achieve surprising nutritional values ​​at a really contained cost. At the same time, innovative vegetable fibers and proteins of high biological value have been added, in order to provide the macronutrients and fiber that people who follow low carb diets look for in low-carb foods.

Without a doubt, the CSC Foods brand will consolidate in the low-carb food market as it releases more low-carb foods to the market.