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FeelingOk is the leading Italian brand in the low carb market. This brand produces its products with high quality ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and incorporates innovative methods that help you improve your wellbeing and follow a diet in the purest Italian style.

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    Pasta Optimize from FeelingOk makes it possible for you to enjoy a healthy and protein pasta dish without having to deprive yourself of eating it for the type of diet you follow. Eat a traditional pasta dish again thanks to its great features: ✅ Low in Carbohydrates ✅ High in Protein ✅ Rich in fiber

Information about FeelingOk products

FeelingOk is the leading Italian brand in the market for low-carbohydrate products. This brand makes its products with high-quality ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, in addition to incorporating innovative methods that help you improve your well-being and follow a diet in the purest Italian style.

FeelingOk divides its products into three lines:

Línea 1 Start FeelingOk

Line 1 Start FeelingOk, Activates Metabolism : it is a food line that helps you activate the metabolism of a body accustomed to eating foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates. By activating the metabolism we cause our body to use fat reserves as an energy source, thus facilitating the reduction of weight .

Línea 2 Optimize FeelingOk

Line 2 Optimize FeelingOk, Low Glycemic Index : whose foods will help you lower the load glycemic keeping a balance between protein and fiber while maintaining a low carbohydrate content. Thanks to the amount of fiber and protein that the optimize line provides, your body will experience a pleasant sensation of satiety.

Línea 3 Life Style FeelingOk

Line 3 Life Style FeelingOk, Reduced in Carbohydrates : these foods are characterized by a balance between high-quality proteins and dietary fibers that help the body maintain good physical shape. Food contains 'slow' carbohydrates that follow the line of the previous phases, regulating our glycemic index in order to achieve physical well-being through healthy eating.

FeelingOk, the Evolution of Low Carb Food

FeelingOk is a line of foods that provides a reduced carbohydrate intake and a high protein and fiber content , made with innovative ingredients and methods.

The FeelingOk food catalog aims to improve well-being without sacrificing the Mediterranean food tradition .

From the factory in Italy, each batch of FeelingOk foods are produced by the same company that has been producing CiaoCarb products for years.

It is a new range of foods evolved in the low-carbohydrate food market , distributed along 3 lines that make up the FeelingOk catalog.

FeelingOk foods are the natural evolution of their CiaoCarb counterparts, but with an improved composition , which completely eliminates soy and flour from all products, an improved packaging, designed to guarantee maximum product freshness for a longer time, and packaging in more robust boxes to avoid deterioration during transport.