List of products by manufacturer Protella

The Protella brand was born in 2017 in Spain in response to the demand for healthy foods with the palatability characteristics of unhealthy ones. It specializes in the production of chocolate in different forms: spreads, snacks and toppings.

Information about Protella products

Protella makes the difference

The Protella range is made up of a set of products made in an artisanal way, with the help of the best national chocolatiers and cream makers. The Gourmet flavor and texture of Protella is its differential fact.

Buying Protella is synonymous with eating healthy . It stands out for a catalog in which you can find healthy alternatives to foods such as chocolate chips, spreads, infusions or chocolate-coated donuts ... In OutletSalud you can buy Protella products and receive them in 24 hours . As always, we select the best for you to take care of yourself day by day, but also, enjoy. Not everything has to be brisket and lettuce!

Main characteristics of Protella products

Protella you have three characteristics that make your products different:

  • Without palm oil: It is committed to the environment and deforestation

  • No added sugar: so you don't have to worry about your health

  • High in protein: they use vegetable or milk protein, so that you provide nutrients to your muscle in each intake

What products can I buy from Protella?

In our online store we have a wide range of protella products at your disposal, among which you can find:

  • Wide variety of spreadable creams with different flavors

  • Different bakery products

  • Toppings of different chocolates

What are you waiting to try Protella and its delicious products? We assure you that you will not regret it.