List of products by manufacturer Flipa!

Flipa!  is a Galician brand that is part of the Mininolas company, which is dedicated to the manufacture of sugar-free gummies, low in calories, without any type of allergen and suitable for diabetics.

Information about Flipa! products

The Galician company Mininolas , of which the Flipa! brand is part, is made up of emigrants returned from Chile, a country in who dedicated themselves for more than 7 years to the world of sweets, exporting the idea of ​​bulk candy stores, so common in Spain.

Why buy sugar-free gummies?

As a result of the experience in Chile, they have the need to develop sweets that are low in calories and sugar-free , since childhood obesity in the country is very high. Their objective was to create sweets for everyone , in order to continue enjoying the delicious sweet that everyone likes, but in line with the current needs of the population. At OutletSalud we know that you like gummies a lot, that's why we put Flipa! At your disposal, so you can buy sugar-free gummies at the best price .

Is it good for your health to buy sugar-free sweets?

The resounding answer is yes. Today, one of the biggest health problems in the world is obesity, which always carries with it other diseases. The only thing that sugar does is increase obesity in adults and children, so it is important to consume the least amount of sugar possible .

It is not an easy task to make sugar-free gummies, but after much research Mininolas created a formulation that resulted in gummies with great characteristics for everyone :

  • Sugar free

  • They do not cause cavities

  • They have a high percentage of protein

  • With natural aromas and colors

  • They do not contain allergens

  • For diabetics

We are facing the gummy of the future, do not give up taking sweets, give up taking sugary sweets. At OutletSalud you can order your Flipa sweets! now and receive it in 24 hours .