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Clean Foods is a brand that produces its products as a healthy alternative to everyday foods that are not. The option most chosen by those who want to follow a healthy diet without giving up all the flavor and what a catalog of products !.

Information about Clean Foods  products

Why buy Clean Foods?

Clean Foods foods have as a reference ingredient, glucomannan , a dietary fiber of plant origin that is obtained from the Konjac plant . With Clean Foods products, you can benefit from their incredible properties:

  • We gives us a feeling of satiety , thus reducing our appetite. When the glucomannan fibers come into contact with the gastric juices and the liquids that we ingest, they expand, producing a feeling of fullness in the stomach. In this way, you feel less hungry and losing weight becomes much easier .

  • It has been scientifically proven by EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) that 3 grams of glucomannan daily leads to weight loss .

  • They contain 95% less calories and carbohydrates than other similar products .

Clean Foods makes all its products with love, achieving the best characteristics and becoming the most chosen option by those who want to follow a healthy diet without giving up all the flavor:

  • Sugar free

  • Without carbohydrates

  • Fat free

  • Without flavoring

  • Gluten free

Clean Foods has a wide catalog of carbohydrate-free food products suitable for celiacs, diabetics as well as for all types of weight loss diets.

Can I buy Clean Foods at OutletSalud?

Sure! We put a wide variety at your disposal, so that you do not miss anything:

Raw Pasta, konjac pasta without carbohydrates

Raw Pasta from Clean Foods is free of carbohydrates, made with 100% natural konjac flour and gluten-free . Raw Pasta will be your best alternative to conventional pasta. The Raw Pasta range consists of noodles, spaquettis, rice, noodle lasagna with spinach and protein pasta with black beans.

Slim Sauce, lowcarb sauces

Slim Sauces are delicious special pasta sauces with only 6 Kcal . They are 100% natural sauces, gluten-free, fat-free and sugar-free . You can choose between 3 flavors of exquisite Slim Sauce sauces for your elaborations: tomato sauce, cheese sauce and carbonara sauce.

Raw Pancake, low carb preparations

Bring the revolution to your desserts and breakfasts with Clean Foods. With Raw Pancake you can make delicious American pancakes low in carbohydrates and rich in fiber and protein . You have up to 12 amazing flavors to choose from, here are some: caramel, Dutch waffle, apple and cinnamon, banana, strawberry cheesecake, hazelnut chocolate spread, cookie and cream flavor, etc.

Slim Jam, jams low in calories and reduced in carbohydrates

The Slim Jam low in carbohydrates from Clean Foods stands out for its high fruit content and for having 80% fewer calories than a traditional jam . Now you can sweeten your breakfasts or desserts giving flavor without adding calories, added sugar, gluten, lactose or fat and, in addition, they are suitable for vegans. Let yourself be surprised by any of its fruit flavors: strawberry, apricot and cherry.

Slim Choco and Slim Cofee, prepared for chocolate and coffee very low in carbohydrates

Slim Choco is a preparation to make hot chocolate with only 11 calories per 100ml, very rich in fiber, without added sugars, without gluten and with 95% less carbohydrates and fats than other soluble cocoa drinks. It is enriched with glucomannan, vitamins and minerals . Slim Coffee is a preparation for making hot coffee without sugar, gluten and carbohydrates, providing only 6.3 kcal per 100ml, ideal for controlling appetite thanks to glucomannan. < / p>

Slim Cake, cup cakes for a healthy diet

Bring the revolution to your desserts and breakfasts with Clean Foods Slim Cake, with which you can make delicious and tender cupcakes low in carbohydrates and rich in fiber and protein . You can choose between 6 delicious flavors with which to prepare several of these healthy cakes: blueberries, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, deluxe chocolate and apple.

Slim Shot, energy drink without sugar or calories

Slim Shot is the push you are looking for to start the day with energy, a drink made with natural caffeine free of gluten, fat, carbohydrates and sugars .

Clean Foods, ideal foods to enjoy food and lose weight at the same time

Clean Foods products avoid all those calories and carbohydrates which, as with many of the everyday foods, are transformed into those extra kilos that are not we wish we had.

Many people find it difficult to eat a low-carb diet. Pasta dishes are high in calories and are precisely the first thing that is eliminated in this type of diet , despite the fact that many people love pasta. Now, thanks to the Clean Foods Raw Pasta line of carbohydrate-free pasta, you can continue to enjoy pasta without eliminating it from your diet!

In Outletsalud you can buy Clean Foods at the best price and receive it tomorrow What are you waiting for to try these healthy options?