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Lo-Dough is the British manufacturer of low-carb Flat Bread of the same name that is breaking all sales records on the old continent. In addition, it manufactures other specific foods for diets and healthy eating.

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Information about Lo-Dough products

Lo-Dough, delicious foods to take care of yourself

Lo-Dough is a Manchester company that aims to change eating habits. They are dedicated to the manufacture of exquisite products, trying to provide the body with the best possible nutrition by lowering the amount of carbohydrates and calories.

They think that the vast majority of modern processed foods are far from being able to fit into an optimal and healthy diet and are usually full of unnecessary refined carbohydrates, calories and sugars. The population has become dependent on products that have a negative effect on our nutrition and have many difficulties to break with that style of eating. Lo-Dough tries to facilitate the way to get out of that routine and continue eating delicious foods, but healthy .

How to replace foods high in carbohydrates in your diet?

At OutletSalud we have many options so that you can substitute carbohydrates in your diet and one of them are Lo-Dough products. You can buy low-carbohydrate products at the best price . Bread, hamburger, pizza, flatbread, breadcrumbs, biscuits ... find the one you like the most and enjoy, we do not take care that it is low in carbohydrates and is as healthy as possible.