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Servivita is a Spanish brand that has specialized in the preparation of healthy sauces and syrups, so that you can add all the flavor of a delicious sauce to your dishes, but without adding sugar, calories or fat .

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Information about Servivita products

Servivita sauces and syrups, ideal for diets

The Spanish brand Servivita has developed a wide catalog of sauces and syrups for those who maintain a restrictive diet and do not want to add calories to their dishes without giving up the flavor that a sauce can provide. For this, they have ideal characteristics:

  • They are gluten free

  • They are lactose free

  • Sugar free

  • They have no fat

  • Low in salt

  • Suitable for diabetics

  • Suitable for celiacs (except Pancake Syrup and Soy Sauce flavors)

Among its great variety, you can find sauces and syrups designed for each type of food: sauces to accompany meat , sauces to accompany fish , Salad sauces , pasta sauces or syrups of different flavors for desserts What do you fancy today? Mmm, delicious! In addition, they have other products for you, such as powdered chocolate or cocoa cream.

Eat Servivita sauces and syrups and take care of your health

Today, when we go to a supermarket to buy a sauce or a syrup for our favorite dessert, we find that almost all the options are loaded with sugar, calories and saturated fats, little beneficial to maintain a healthy diet and much less to add to any weight loss diet. But, despite all that, who doesn't like one of those delicious sauces? Not to mention the syrups, very rich, but loaded with sugar.

In Servivita they have created these sauces and syrups to offer you a better option and they have reproduced all those sauces and syrups that we usually find in the supermarket, but avoiding the fats, sugars and calories of more added to the diet without need. Enjoy your favorite sauces again without worrying about your diet, you will only have to think about which flavor to choose to add to your plate.

Where can I buy Servivita sauces?

Servivita can be bought in specialized stores like ours , where we have a wide range of Servivita sauces and syrups , among which you can find: ketchup, barbecue sauce, Mustard and honey sauce, soy, tomato and basil sauce, spicy chili, soy cream, caramel, coffee and caramel syrup, biscuit, vanilla ... You have so many to choose from that you won't know where to start.

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