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OvoWhite is a company dedicated to the development of sports food products. They are characterized by the manufacture of protein based on egg white 100% natural.

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OvoWhite, the first 100% lactose-free Protein Shake

The company OvoWhite has revolutionized the instant protein shake, making a shake totally dairy-free, those that can sometimes cause some other digestion problem, without count on that part of the population that has a lactose intolerance, this being more and more common. It will multiply your performance capabilities because you will be wasting a quality protein. In addition, the egg protein shake helps you have an easier digestion, since your body will assimilate it much better.

Why take egg protein?

Its many benefits are known by all, the egg being one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and with the protein with the highest biological value, due to the quantity and quality of its amino acids. Taking it promotes an increase in muscle mass while preventing cardiovascular diseases, among other things.

With the OvoWhite Egg protein you will be adding a quality protein simply, quickly and with great characteristics that are difficult to match:

  • Protein with all essential amino acids

  • With BCAAs and Glutamine

  • Vitamins (Folic Acid, Biotin and Riboflavin)

  • Minerals (Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium)

  • 25g of protein per shake

  • Easily digestible protein

  • No sugar, low in carbohydrates and no added fats

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