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The Spanish company Nuxel Health&Wellness specializes in natural food supplements for the care of joints, muscles and bones. Efficiency and quality go hand in hand.

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Nuxel, nutritional supplements with latest generation ingredients

The company Nuxel, based in Spain, has specialized throughout its history in high-quality supplements, focused on the maintenance and the improvement of muscles, joints and bones. Within its product catalog you can find specific formulas for:

  • Hydrate and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin

  • Strengthen nails and hair

  • Increase the resistance and elasticity of muscles, bones and joints

This brand is committed to the liquid format, which presents greater bioavailability for its formulas, with latest generation ingredients to help to combat the problems that our body may present at a physical/chemical level.

The collagen that it uses to manufacture one of its products is of marine origin, due to the numerous studies that support its effectiveness compared to the terrestrial. It is presentedhydrolyzed, since this way there is a greater assimilation of this protein. The reason why it is in liquid format is because it is more beneficial, since the concentration of collagen in this format is higher and its absorption is faster and more efficient, so the effects will be noticed sooner. benefits. In addition, they use other elements such as magnesium bisglycinate and silicon from tabashir bamboo, both presenting a wonderful assimilation. As an anti-inflammatory, one of its products contains harpagofito, suitable for taking aspirin, synthrom and anticoagulants.

Articusil, natural anti-inflammation

This supplement is perfect to alleviate joint pain in general, in cases of osteoarthritis, arthritis , tendinitis, injury recovery, whether of sporting origin or not, and muscle and joint inflammation of a general nature.

Colansil, strengthens, regenerates and preserves connective tissues

Conlansil is specially formulated to maintain muscles, tendons and ligaments strong and elastic, nails and hair strong>this resistant and healthy, visibly younger skin, to prevent osteoporosis, prevent sports injuries and is ideal for the maintenance of the most demanding athletes. In addition, it can be used as a serum.

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