List of products by manufacturer Victory Endurance

The Victory Endurance line of Weider tries to cover all the specific needs of the athlete, offering a wide range of products that have been specially developed for each level of physical activity .

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Information about Victory Endurance products

The manufacturer Weider has been in the sports nutrition sector for more than 80 years and knows that endurance sports demand a higher level of effort for a longer period of time. For this reason he develops the Victory Endurance line, whose main objective is to cover the needs of each part of the body involved before, during and after exercise , helping to provide the maximum performance. Specific products that provide energy and hydration for physical activity, as well as the optimization of subsequent recovery.

The products created by Weider for the Victory Endurance line have been in the sports nutrition sector for more than 10 years, being one of the first Spanish brands dedicated to the development of specific products for high resistance athletes .

Why is sports nutrition necessary?

People who practice some type of physical activity know that an adequate diet and a good rest are necessary to be able to have a quality training . Good nutrition increases endurance levels and improves performance, as well as improving recovery. Therefore, with good sports nutrition, our efforts will pay off.

The Vistory Endurance line is divided into three groups according to the benefit they provide: Hydration, Energy and Recovery . In addition, with their product line they commit to:

  • Ensure compliance with the legislation of each country and support food safety

  • Select the best raw materials to provide a differential value to your products

  • Develop products with real and tested results

  • Research innovative products, to which to add new flavors and textures to improve the experience

  • Encourage the practices of No dopping

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