List of products by manufacturer MiWhey

MiWhey is the first manufacturer specialized in the low-carb ice cream sector. Since its creation, MiWhey has created only ice creams, both finished and ready to finish and freeze at home, with little contribution of carbohydrates and null contribution of sugars.

It's new, it's fresh, it tastes like heaven and is full of nutritional ingredients. Introducing Mi Whey Protein Ice Cream! The South African protein ice cream developed for the health conscious in search of the ultimate snack. Now in Europe! The birth of Mi Whey was the culmination of years of experimentation and trials, by the founders Craig and Jorge, with different formulas to create the ultimate nutritional sports recovery snack. Initially designed for athletes, as a supplement dessert packed with amino acids and healthy protein, it is now becoming the preferred ice cream choice for all looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our Objective is to manufacture an ice cream that tastes delicious, to maintain an exceptional quality and high standard, to use natural ingredients with no GMO’s and keeping it healthy and nutritious.