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The well-known Irish brand Linwoods emerged more than 50 years ago and is dedicated exclusively to the production of carefully selected, high-quality mixtures of seeds, nuts and berries.

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Linwoods and flax seeds, a superfood

The Linwoods family began their journey in food more than 50 years ago, with a small store they owned. Little by little, the company grew and added different foods, until in 1992, its manager John fell ill and as a result of this, he began to worry about the benefits that some foods can bring us, among which he discovered linen and all its properties. He became aware of the importance of a healthy diet and that is where his seed mixtures were born.

The variety of seeds, nuts and berries in its catalog has grown to 15 different mixtures of high quality seeds and a wide variety of healthy seeds as the main ingredient inside. A range of mixtures of healthy superfoods, which allows us to incorporate multiple vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals into our diet quickly and easily.

Benefits of taking flax seeds

The flax seeds alone have nutritional properties that make them stand out from other similar foods: their amount in omega 3, fiber and vitamins. Do you know that 15 grams of flax seeds provide 135% of our daily needs for omega 3? this compensates for the imbalance that usually exists between omega 3 and 6 and avoids the tendency to inflammation that arises as a result of this. Fiber is made up of lignans, a fiber-like compound that also has antioxidant properties. It also has mucilage, gelatinous fiber with a beneficial effect on the intestine. As if this were not enough, they provide vitamin B1, a nutrient necessary for the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Consequently, these properties act together and separately, having beneficial effects on health:

  • They protect the heart, since they have an anti-inflammatory effect and prevent the accumulation of triglycerides and cholesterol, preventing coronary diseases, heart attacks and circulatory disorders

  • Reduce inflammation, helping to lower blood levels of C-reactive protein

  • They help reduce blood glucose levels, favoring weight control and improving insulin resistance

  • Its contribution in different fibers facilitates intestinal transit and is a natural help for digestive inflammations

Well, we have already told you about all the good things about consuming these seeds, but How are the seeds taken? So that the beneficial effects of the flax seeds have fruit, you have to activate them and this is done in a very simple way: soak them in salted water for a couple of hours, toast the seeds or grind them lightly in a mortar. With Linwoods you don't have to worry about this process, they already do it for you to make things easier for you. Buy Linwoods and OutletSalud and add seeds to your diet. You can take them in salads, soups, creams, yogurts... we leave that to your choice.

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