Double Infinity Om3ga 1000 90 capsules

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Marca: Double Infinity
Modelo: Om3ga 1000 90 capsules

Om3ga 1000 Double Infinity is a dietary supplement containing Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. It prevents inflammatory processes strengthen and improve the cardiovascular system.

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Om3ga 1000

Om3ga 1000 Double Infinity is a dietary supplement containing Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. It prevents inflammatory processes strengthen and improve the cardiovascular system.

For the risk posed by a high cholesterol level decreases, we recommend limiting the consumption of saturated fats and animal oils, eating foods high in fiber ( lots of veggies ) , exercise and eating to supplement the diet, reducing the natural lipid (LDL ) and is very concentrated way, the Omega- 3 - salmon oil and fish oil .

Nutritional information per capsule:

Energy 10.1 kcal.

Fat: 1.02 g

Carbohydrates: 0 g

Protein: 0.23 g

Ingredients: oils rich in Omega 3 (35% EPA and 25% DHA), vitamin E, gelatin and glycerin E-422

Content: 90 pearls 1000 mg.

    Data sheet

    Country of OriginSpain
    Units per container100 or more
    BrandDouble Infinity
    ModelOm3ga 1000 90 capsules

We have not yet declared the list of allergens for this product. For your own security, please visit the ingredients tab and carefully read the product ingredients.

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