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LaNouba is a pioneering Belgian chocolate and confectionery manufacturer. It specializes in low carb products to help you lose weight in a sweet and delicious way.

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Information about LaNouba products

The Belgian brand LaNouba , founded in 1999, is present in many countries. It has designed different sugar-free and low-carbohydrate delicacies, so that you can continue to enjoy all the flavor while taking care of the line. In its extensive catalog you can find:

  • Low Carb Chocolates

  • Low Carb Clouds

  • Low Carb Waffles

  • Jams without added sugar

  • Low Carb Waffles

  • Low Carb chocolate bars

A whole world of sugar-free chocolates, jams and sweets with incredible flavor and texture. What do you want to try? If you place your LaNouba order now, you will receive it in 24 hours .

Why eat sugar-free sweets?

We have more and more demonized sugar and with good reason, since it increases blood glucose and is one of the great enemies of obesity and diabetes, apart from causing total emotional instability and altering the flora of our intestine . In addition, not consuming sugar has different benefits to consider when choosing sugar-free sweets :

  • Teeth are not damaged by cavities

  • Sweeteners contain fewer calories

  • Greater control for diabetics

  • Lower blood insulin spikes

Haven't we convinced you yet? Do you think it will not be as rich as it does not have sugar? Try some of the LaNouba products, enjoy all its flavor and you will see how easy it is to eliminate sugar from your life.