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LCW is a German distributor of low carbohydrate products suitable for dietetics in general. Its production consists mainly of foods without sugar.

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Information about LCW products

LCW are the initials of "Low Carb World", or "Low Carb World", which is the motto that this German company follows in the distribution of all its products. From energy bars to pizza doughs, through sweets and chocolates. LCW is synonymous with quality in the world of low-carb diets.

Say goodbye to sugar while enjoying the most sweet treat

Under its own brand you can find a wide assortment of sugar-free foods, to help you eat in a balanced way with healthy alternatives to those sweet tooth treats. In addition, you can find low carbohydrate foods . At OutletSalud we have selected different LCW brand products for you, so you can enjoy while taking care of yourself. In our online store you can buy:

  • Low carb jam

  • Preparations to make Low Carb bread

  • Low Carb pizza mixes

  • Gummies without sugar

  • Low Carb Chocolates

  • ...

What are you waiting for to try something from LCW? OutletSalud puts a wide variety of low-carbohydrate and sugar-free products within the reach of a click.