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Weider is an American company with a long history in the sports nutrition sector. It is backed by more than 80 years of experience providing consumers with the best quality products.

Information about Weider products

Weider, synonymous with health and well-being

The American brand Weider began as a small family business more than 80 years ago. With perseverance and a lot of effort it manages to become one of the most important multinationals in the sports nutrition sector . Today, it is present on five continents with a wide range of products focused on fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle .

Exercising and maintaining a balanced diet for optimal health was not always a fact assumed by the population. We owe the change in thinking in part to Weider , who connected exercise, nutrition and health and turned it into a philosophy of life . It popularized the bodybuilding machines that we see today in all gyms and made known nutritional supplements to take into account when exercising.

The Weider brothers were the creators of the Mister Olympia contest and are considered the fathers of bodybuilding . In addition, they created their own training system ( Weider System ) more than 60 years ago and have been growing and updating. In short, a company that loves what it does and strives every day to offer its customers everything they need, meet their needs. Currently, they are developing a range of organic products, adapting to the trends of greater sustainable awareness.

High-quality sports nutrition products

At Weider they focus on increasing the well-being of their consumers, so all components are natural and do not contain drug chemicals . Supplements based on quality and innovation to guarantee the maintenance of high levels of efficacy, without compromising the health and well-being of consumers. They take maximum care of raw materials, the production process and packaging, being a great tool for active people who follow a healthy lifestyle.

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