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MCA Natural Products is a Spanish company founded in 2004 and specialized in food supplements related to bioavailable organic silicon.

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MCA Natural Products, supplements to improve quality of life

MCA Natural Products is a company specialized in high-quality food supplements and base their main products on the benefits of bioavailable organic silicon o Silinutriment LB for the body. This company was founded in 2004 in Barcelona and since then they have been working to create innovative products for different pathologies based on the latest generation of organic silicon, combined with different compounds according to the different needs of our body.

What is Silicon and what is it used for?

silicon or organic silicon is an essential trace element for the human body and its role is basic in vital tissues, not only at the level of hair or nails. Silicon can be found in the deepest structures of the body, where connective tissue and bone are formed. It is one of the components of the cells responsible for forming and repairing cartilage and bones, of collagen, which directly affects the state of the skin; and connective tissue, which is responsible for protecting and communicating the different organs and body structures. A good intake of silicon serves to prevent muscle and skeletal diseases, such as premature aging, osteoporosis or different inflammatory processes.

Due to changes in farming methods, which modify the flora of the earth, current diets contain less silicon and this means that we present deficiencies of this element so indispensable. However, we can correct it with a diet that contains adequate amounts or with a silicon-based supplement. In addition, the amount that we present of this chemical element can vary according to sex, age or some pathology.

Silicon in the diet can be found in many plant sources, such as whole grains, beans, some legumes, carrots, bananas or mangoes, among many others. When we follow a low-carbohydrate, low-carb or keto diet, the consumption of silicon is decreased and we may have some deficiency.

Therefore, it is convenient to know that the minimum silicon requirements we need are around 10 and 25 mg per day.

What are the symptoms of a silicon deficiency?

We can have some deficiency of silicon in our body when the body presents brittle nails and hair, stretch marks appear on the skin, there is inflammation at the muscular and skeletal and even when a premature aging of the skin is observed. In addition, we become more prone to fractures, sprains or tendinitis.

What benefits does silicon have on the body?

The benefits of Bioavailable Organic Silicon or Silinutriment LB on our body are diverse and MCA Natural Products bases its main food supplements at. Below, you can find a list of some of them:

  • Prevents osteoporosis, increasing bone density

  • Decreases cholesterol and hypertension

  • As part of elastin, it contributes to the resistance and elasticity of blood vessels

  • Helps recovery from diseases with bone pain, as well as mobility

  • Contributes to the absorption and fixation of calcium in the bone

  • Improves rheumatic diseases

  • Accelerates the recovery process in bone fractures and recalcification

  • Prevents harmful changes at the brain level, especially when there are conditions of low calcium intake, high in aluminum or inadequate functioning at the thyroid level

For all these reasons, in our online store you can buy different nutritional supplements of Organic Silicon from MCA Natural Products.