List of products by manufacturer Meridian Foods

Meridian Foods is a United Kingdom brand, which has been present in the world of food since 1980. They have their own factory in Wales and specialize in high-quality nut creams. 

Information about Meridian Foods products

Meridian Foods, 100% natural nut creams

The butters and creams from Meridian Foods have been elaborated and perfected for more than 30 years. The company based in Wales, bases all its success on the perfect use of the healthiest nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts ... in the most natural and subtle way possible. Its products rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants , provide an extraordinary supply of energy and have a great satiating effect due to their high content of high-quality protein and healthy fats . If you try any of these creams there is no going back, what a flavor!

In addition, Meridian Foods are aware of nature and try to have the least possible impact on it, from its production to the non-use in their products with palm oil, becoming the first brand of United Kingdom to be certified 100% palm oil free . They do not believe that when the raw material is good it is necessary to add palm oil to make it delicious and only that you have to try some of their creams to know that they are right. Delicious!

Why buy nut creams

You like to take care of yourself and you know that adding nuts to your diet is a very good option, but why not eat them from time to time in a different way than usual and just as healthy? With these delicious nut spreads , you will be adding a good dose of quality fat to your toast. You can also take a spoonful little by little while you feel it melt in your mouth... Hmm. Our mouths are creamy, I mean... Water! Add nut creams to your diet and take care of your body:

  • You will be adding healthy fats to your diet

  • They will help you lower cholesterol

  • They have a satiating effect thanks to their high protein content

  • They are a magnificent source of energy and protein

In addition, we have Meridian Foods nut butters at your disposal in different formats and with different nuts (peanut butter, hazelnut cream, almond butter, cashew cream), < strong> you won't know which one to choose. What are you waiting for to buy creams from Meridian Foods at OutletSalud? Receive your order in 24 hours.