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Jacks Links is a Dutch company that specializes in protein snacks, using dried meat as the main ingredient. delicious meat bites that you can take anywhere and use as a snack.

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Who invented jerky?

The Native Americans cut buffalo meat into very thin strips, seasoned them with aromatic herbs found in the surroundings and dried them under the summer sun, to later smoke them over the fire. In this way, the cured meat served as a provision when they went hunting, since it was food that was easy to transport and lasted a long time , while giving energy and satiating due to the high levels of protein, iron and little fat.

The ancestors of the family that created the Jack Link's brand began to spread delicious recipes made with this dried meat that they sold in a supermarket. Later generations continued the business until Jack Link's Beef Jerky was born, selling dried beef jerky with different recipes .

Why buy dried meat?

These snacks in the form of dried meat are the best way to always carry quality protein on top , ideal for athletes and people who want to eat a balanced diet aided by products that contain protein. If you consult all Jack Links products you will see that they are different formats of cut and marinated cured meat ( original beef jerky , sweet and hot beef jerky , jerky beef with teriyaki ).

In addition, these delicacies are made with 100% Premium beef (200g of beef becomes 200g of this delicious and appetizing dried Beef Jerky ) . In short, a delicious and nutritious snack with:

  • A high protein content (44%)

  • A small amount of fat (3%)

Delicious snacks that you can take anywhere, every time you eat them you will be nourishing your body with quality protein. Buy Jacks Links at the best price in OutletSalud and receive your order in 24 hours .